Eden Mill Nature Center

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Eden Mill Nature Center
Typenature center
Location1617 Eden Mill Road
Pylesville, Maryland
Coordinates39°40′3″N 76°27′25″W / 39.66750°N 76.45694°W / 39.66750; -76.45694Coordinates: 39°40′3″N 76°27′25″W / 39.66750°N 76.45694°W / 39.66750; -76.45694
Area118 acres (480,000 m2)
Operated byHarford County, Maryland
Hiking trails5 miles

Eden Mill Nature Center is a nature center in Pylesville, Maryland.[1]


The center was a gristmill in the 1800s. The name comes from Father Eden.[2]

In 1917, it was made into a power plant by remodeling the dam, as it continued to function as a mill until 1964. In 1991, Harford County purchased the center with the purpose of converting it into a park.[2][3]


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