Edenderry Power Station

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Edenderry Power
Edenderry Power Station is located in Ireland
Edenderry Power Station
Location of Edenderry Power Station
Country Republic of Ireland
Location Edenderry
Coordinates 53°17′26.5″N 07°5′12.9″W / 53.290694°N 7.086917°W / 53.290694; -7.086917Coordinates: 53°17′26.5″N 07°5′12.9″W / 53.290694°N 7.086917°W / 53.290694; -7.086917
Status Operational
Commission date December 2000
Owner(s) Bord na Móna
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Peat
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 120 MWe

Edenderry Power Station is a large peat-fired power station near Edenderry, in the Republic of Ireland. The station is capable of generating up to 120 MWe of power,[1] making it the second-largest peat-fired power station in the country. It has been owned by Bord na Móna since 2006 and is part of the Powergen section of the Peat Energy Division. It was purchased from E.ON in December 2005. Trials of co-fuelling the plant with biomass commenced in 2007 and were successful. Currently the plant is co-fired with about 9% biomass, with a target of 30% co-fuelling[2] by 2015.

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