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Edens Zero
Edens Zero Volume 1 Cover.jpg
First volume of Edens Zero, released by Kodansha on September 14, 2018 in Japan
エデンズ ゼロ
(Edenzu Zero)
GenreFantasy, science fiction[1][2]
Written byHiro Mashima
Published byKodansha
English publisher
MagazineWeekly Shōnen Magazine
Original runJune 27, 2018 (2018-06-27) – present
Volumes6 (List of volumes)
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Edens Zero (Japanese: エデンズ ゼロ, Hepburn: Edenzu Zero) is a Japanese science fiction manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. It has been serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine since June 27, 2018, with its chapters collected into six tankōbon volumes as of September 17, 2019. The story follows the interstellar adventures of Shiki Granbell, a boy with gravity powers who uses the titular starship to search for the fabled cosmic goddess "Mother". The manga is published digitally in six other languages as they are released in Japan, with Kodansha USA licensing the series for English publication in North America on Crunchyroll, Comixology, and Amazon Kindle.



Edens Zero takes place in a fictional spacefaring universe inhabited by humans, aliens, and sentient robots. The universe is divided into smaller "cosmoses", with the Sakura Cosmos[Jp. 1] serving as the primary setting. Most planets and locations have futuristic elements, some of which are combined with classic fantasy.[3] All technology in the series runs on a magical power source called Ether, which forms the basis of the story's "fantasy" aspect;[4] one recurring device is the B-Cube,[Jp. 2] a video recorder that allows content creators, called "B-Cubers", to access a same-named video sharing website based on YouTube.[5][6] Ether also causes a variety of planetary phenomena such as airborne rivers of water,[5][7] clouds that produce crystal pillars,[8] and gargantuan trees visible from space.[9] Several characters directly harness Ether with Ether Gear,[Jp. 3] a power from the universe's "Dark Ages" that grants its users superhuman abilities.[3] The universe is also home to various cosmic entities, such as cybernetic dragons that swarm in a sector bordering the Sakura Cosmos called Dragonfall,[10] and a Chronophage[Jp. 4] that devours planets and permanently rewinds their time, creating alternate histories without causing time paradoxes.[11][12]


Shiki Granbell is a human Ether Gear user who is adopted and raised by robots on the planet Granbell, a deserted theme park world in the Sakura Cosmos. One day, the park is visited by two space traveling B-Cubers – Rebecca and her cybernetic cat companion Happy – whom Shiki befriends while they are there recording videos for their online account, Aoneko Channel. After the park's robots force them off the planet to save Shiki from being stranded before their batteries die, Shiki joins Rebecca and Happy's adventurers guild to explore the universe by searching for Mother, the fabled goddess of the cosmos. In the process, he obtains the Edens Zero, an interstellar warship previously used by his adoptive grandfather, the "Demon King" Ziggy, during another such failed search.



Shiki Granbell (シキ・グランベル, Shiki Guranberu)

Shiki is the sole human denizen of the robot-inhabited planet Granbell, which Rebecca derives his surname from. He is found as an infant by the Edens Zero crew during Ziggy's failed voyage to find Mother, which leads Ziggy to raise him as a grandson. Shiki inherits Ziggy's Gravity Ether Gear at childhood, allowing him to change the strength and direction of gravity for himself and others to a certain degree. Due to his lifetime without human contact in Granbell's fantasy theme park, the Granbell Kingdom, Shiki is socially awkward around other humans and obsessed with fantasy, and he suffers from a paralyzing fear of bugs. Shiki becomes motivated to find Mother partly out of a desire to make as many new friends as possible, and partly to fulfill Ziggy's dream upon discovering his failure.

Rebecca (レベッカ, Rebekka)

Rebecca is a B-Cuber and member of Shooting Starlight from the planet Blue Garden who travels to record videos of other planets. She aims to amass one million subscribers for her and Happy's shared account, Aoneko Channel, which suffers from low viewership due to poor-quality content. After befriending Shiki, she joins him on his search for Mother to attract viewers by recording evidence of the goddess's existence. Ordinarily a cheerful girl, Rebecca becomes aggressive and ends her sentences with the particle zeyo (ぜよ) when angered or flustered; in the English version, she uses the word "ducky" instead. She is also a skilled marksman, and is the owner and pilot of the Aqua Wing, a spaceship that doubles as a seaboat, until she forfeits the ship to Weisz's younger self. After repeatedly bathing in the Edens Zero's spa, Rebecca develops her own Ether Gear called Leaper, which enhances her jumping skill and agility, and allows her to rewind time.

Happy (ハッピー, Happī)

Happy is a blue alien cat android from the planet Excede, based on the character of the same name from Mashima's previous series, Fairy Tail. He is originally found by Rebecca as an organic creature before suffering a near-fatal roadside accident during her childhood, which leads Professor Weisz to save him by transferring Happy's mind into an advanced robotic body. As Rebecca's partner, Happy transforms himself into a pair of firearms called Happy Blasters, which Rebecca uses to fire non-lethal rounds of Ether bullets.

Weisz Steiner (ワイズ・シュタイナー, Waizu Shutainā)

Weisz is a man from the planet Norma who uses a form of Ether Gear called Machina Maker to instantaneously build and modify machines. Originally a greedy and lecherous thief in his youth, he grows into a respected professor later in life, and is responsible for rebuilding Happy as a robot for Rebecca, serving as their benefactor. Weisz's adolescent self is brought into the present after a Chronophage rewinds Norma's time by fifty years, while his present self escapes the planet before it is consumed, allowing both versions of Weisz to co-exist as separate people. As a result, the younger Weisz accompanies Shiki's crew to explore the future, while the older Weisz embarks on his own adventures.

E.M. Pino (EMピーノ, Ī Emu Pīno)

Pino is a miniature "anti-bot" android capable of creating an EMP that disables machinery and Ether Gear for short periods of time. She is built by Ziggy as a successor to the Four Shining Stars called the "Light of Edens", but has her memories of Ziggy erased by Weisz's former criminal gang. After Shiki saves her, she acknowledges him as her new master and joins his crew to have her memories restored, eventually gaining a desire to become human and share his experiences.

Homura Kōgetsu (ホムラ・コウゲツ)

Homura is a young swordswoman from Oedo, a planet styled after Edo-period Japan. She is trained by Valkyrie Yuna in the use of Soul Blade, a form of Ether Gear that produces a powered sword of solid Ether. She lacks a social filter due to being encouraged by Valkyrie to abandon her shy and quiet nature as a child, which results in her habitually voicing her thoughts and intentions at nearly all times. Homura joins the crew of the Edens Zero to search for Valkyrie following her disappearance five years prior, as well as to duel Shiki for inheriting the title of "Demon King" from Ziggy, Valkyrie's undefeated rival.


Shooting Starlight

Shooting Starlight[Jp. 5] is an adventurers' guild on planet Blue Garden, led by its seldom seen guild master, Noah Glenfield (ノア・グレンフィールド, Noa Gurenfīrudo). Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy are members of the guild, where they receive passports to travel to other planets. The receptionist, Clarisse Layer (クラリス・レイヤー, Kurarisu Reiyā), is a sensitive young woman and one of the few members to be on friendly terms with Shiki's group. Another of its members, Labilia Christy (ラビリア・クリスティ, Rabiria Kurisuti), is a famous B-Cube personality who has an antagonistic relationship with Rebecca. Labilia becomes fascinated with Shiki's gravity powers after he humiliates her for bullying Rebecca, and intends to make him the focus of one of her videos.

Cosmic government

The cosmic government is the ruling power of the Sakura Cosmos. Its military force is the Interstellar Union Army,[Jp. 6] which includes Justice (ジャスティス, Jasutisu), an officer obsessed with capturing the space pirate Elsie Crimson; his colleagues Victory (ビクトリー, Bikutorī) and Creed (クリード, Kurīdo); and their commanding officer, Jaguar (ジャガー, Jagā). The government also employs Amira (アミラ), a spy from the Galactic Intelligence Agency[Jp. 7] (GIA) who is capable of shapeshifting and copying people's memories to disguise herself, and her subordinate Jesse (ジェシー, Jeshī), a mole within Elsie's crew. Mashima modeled Justice's design after the character Sieg Hart from Rave Master, following a "tradition" of using such characters in his works.[13]

Four Shining Stars

The Demon King's Four Shining Stars[Jp. 8] are a group of female androids built by Ziggy to serve aboard the Edens Zero, with each member being connected to one of the ship's core functions. The group disbands upon Ziggy's retirement, with Shiki traveling the Sakura Cosmos to reassemble them in order to enable the ship's travel into the outer regions of space.

  • Witch (ウィッチ, Witchi), the only member to remain aboard the Edens Zero before its delivery to Shiki, is a masked woman who serves as the "Shield of Edens", tasked with defending and maintaining the ship. She also provides massages to crew members among other services, and is completely obedient to Shiki's orders, including those he does not make seriously.
  • Sister Ivry (シスター・イヴリィ, Shisutā Ivurii), the "Life of Edens", is a nun with the power to heal wounds and repair "living" machines. She has a crass and masculine demeanor, and speaks with the male pronoun ore. Before rejoining the crew, she is held captive on the lawless planet Guilst and impersonated by a robotic mercenary leader for ten years. Sister is accompanied by an obese android "minion" named Mosco (モスコ, Mosuko), who serves as the ship's caretaker and has a mysterious button on his navel that she forbids anyone from pressing.
  • Hermit (ハーミット, Hāmitto), the "Mind of Edens", is a programmer with the appearance of a young girl who manages the ship's security systems. She is inherently friendly and helpful towards humans, but fifteen years before meeting Shiki's crew, she becomes disillusioned after being cruelly experimented on by human scientists who manipulated her into helping them destroy a planet of robots. As a result, she isolates herself within the virtual planet Digitalis until Shiki's crew gains her trust and befriends her.
  • Valkyrie Yuna (ヴァルキリー・ユナ, Varukirī Yuna) is the "Sword of Edens" and Homura's mentor, who disappears five years prior to the events of the series to reunite Homura with her long-lost biological mother, Kurenai. Upon the Edens Zero crew's arrival on the planet Sun Jewel, Valkyrie's last sighted appearance, she is discovered to have been dead for three years after being betrayed by Kurenai and breaking down while fighting a horde of alien monsters to protect the planet's slave workers.


  • Ziggy (ジギー, Jigī), also known as the Demon King,[Jp. 9] is a benevolent robot, the retired ruler of the Sakura Cosmos, and the adoptive grandfather of Shiki, whom he finds as an infant during a failed search for Mother. He breaks down during Shiki's childhood after teaching his Gravity Ether Gear ability to him, leaving the Edens Zero as Shiki's inheritance.
  • Mother (マザー, Mazā) is a planet-sized woman who exists beyond the Sakura Cosmos, where she is regarded as a mythical goddess. She is the subject of countless failed search efforts made by space explorers, with Shiki determined to be the first to verify her existence.
  • Elsie Crimson (エルシー・クリムゾン, Erushī Kurimuzon) is an armored space pirate who is notorious for conquering the universe's seven "cosmic seas". She delivers the Edens Zero to Shiki out of debt to Ziggy, using the transformed ship as a storage vessel called the Skull Fairy in the meantime.
  • Xiaomei (シャオメイ, Shaomei) is an omniscient girl who serves as the series' narrator and Greek chorus by breaking the fourth wall.
  • Drakken Joe (ドラッケン・ジョー, Dorakken Jō) is a member of the Oración Seis Galáctica,[Jp. 10] a group of six powerful warriors who are each capable of destroying an entire planet.


Following the conclusion of his series Fairy Tail on July 26, 2017, Hiro Mashima posted a Tweet on December 31, 2017 promising to start a new series sometime in 2018.[14] After his visit to the Angoulême International Comics Festival in France, Mashima revealed that the new series would be "a new form of fantasy", and that the character Plue from his earlier series Rave Master would appear in the manga.[1] On May 14, 2018, Mashima commented on Twitter that he was becoming "a little confused" due to working simultaneously on this series, a Fairy Tail continuation, and another "secret" project. He also stated that he was coming up with new ideas for the series "one after another".[15] On May 30, 2018, Weekly Shōnen Magazine revealed that the series was tentatively titled Eden's Zero.[16]



The series launched in 2018's 30th issue of Kodansha's shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine on June 27, 2018.[17] The series is published simultaneously in six different languages: English, French, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Brazilian Portuguese.[16][18] North American publisher Kodansha USA has released chapters of the series on digital platforms such as Crunchyroll Manga, ComiXology, and Amazon Kindle.[16] The first tankōbon volume was released on September 14, 2018.[19]

Volume list[edit]

No.TitleJapanese releaseEnglish release
1Into the Sky Where Cherry Blossoms Flutter
Sakura Mau Sora ni (桜舞うソラに)
September 14, 2018 (2018-09-14)[19][20]
ISBN 978-4-06-513234-0
ISBN 978-4-06-513235-7 (SE)
November 6, 2018 (2018-11-06)[21]
ISBN 978-1-63-236756-3
  1. "Into the Sky Where Cherry Blossoms Flutter" (桜舞うソラに, Sakura Mau Sora ni)
  2. "A Girl and Her Blue Cat" (少女と青猫, Shōjo to Ao Neko)
  1. "Adventurers" (冒険者たち, Bōkensha-tachi)
  2. "Norma" (ノーマ, Nōma)
Shiki is raised from childhood by a community of robots at the Granbell Kingdom, an abandoned theme park. When Shiki is older, the park is visited by two travelers – Rebecca and her robotic cat, Happy – whom Shiki tries to befriend to little avail. The next day, the park's robots turn hostile towards Shiki and Rebecca, declaring revenge against humans for discarding them. Shiki fights back and saves Rebecca using his Gravity Ether Gear ability, earning her friendship. After Rebecca and Happy take Shiki off the planet on their spaceship, the Aqua Wing, the robots express satisfaction over Shiki's escape before breaking down, having staged their rebellion to save him from being marooned. The three arrive at the planet Blue Garden and register Shiki into the adventurers guild Shooting Starlight, where Shiki recognizes a hologram of a cosmic goddess called Mother. When the guild disbelieves his supposed encounter with Mother, the three decide to find her and prove her existence, traveling to the planet Norma to acquire a more spaceworthy ship from Rebecca and Happy's benefactor, Professor Weisz Steiner. Upon visiting Weisz's laboratory, they are confronted by a stranger who introduces himself with the professor's name.
2Iron Tears
Tetsu no Namida (鉄の涙)
November 16, 2018 (2018-11-16)[22]
ISBN 978-4-06-513249-4
February 5, 2019 (2019-02-05)[23]
ISBN 978-1-63-236757-0
  1. "A Man Named Weisz" (ワイズという男, Waizu Toiu Otoko)
  2. "Thief" (盗賊 (シーフ), Shīfu)
  3. "Iron Tears" (鉄の涙, Tetsu no Namida)
  4. "Clash!! The Sibir Family" (激突!! シビルファミリー, Gekitotsu!! Shibiru Famirī)
  5. "vs. The Foote Brothers" (VS. フットブラザーズ, VS. Futto Burazāzu)
  1. "We're Friends, Aren't We?" (友達だろ, Tomodachi Daro)
  2. "Machina Maker" (マキナ・メイカー, Makina Meikā)
  3. "The Skull Fairy" (スカルフェアリー号, Sukaru Fearī-gō)
  4. "Shiki vs. Elsie" (シキVSエルシー, Shiki VS Erushī)
  5. "Born Again" (もう一度生まれる, Mō Ichido Umareru)
Shiki and his friends discover that they have traveled fifty years to Norma's past, identifying the stranger as a younger version of Professor Weisz. While the group hides from a criminal gang that Weisz has stolen a briefcase from, Shiki accidentally opens the briefcase to find E.M. Pino, an android from their own time period. After Shiki defeats the gang to stop them from exploiting Pino's EMP technology, the three flee Norma together with Pino and a stowaway Weisz, the latter of whom uses his own Ether Gear ability, Machina Maker, to upgrade the Aqua Wing and escape a cloudlike barrier surrounding the planet. The group is contacted by Weisz's present self, who explains that Norma itself was reverted to an earlier state by the Chronophage, a monster that devours planets' time. The Aqua Wing is then captured by the space pirate Elsie Crimson, who brings the group aboard her ship, the Skull Fairy. Deciding to take the Skull Fairy for themselves, the group eliminates the alien parasites mimicking Elsie and her crew. Elsie congratulates Shiki from her nearby fleet of warships and willingly gives him the Skull Fairy, which she reveals to be his inheritance from his adoptive grandfather, Demon King Ziggy.
3Warship of the Demon King
Maō Senkan (魔王戦艦)
February 15, 2019 (2019-02-15)[24]
ISBN 978-4-06-513875-5
June 4, 2019 (2019-06-04)[25]
ISBN 978-1-63-236758-7
  1. "Warship of the Demon King" (魔王戦艦, Maō Senkan)
  2. "Sister" (シスター, Shisutā)
  3. "The Collection" (コレクション, Korekushon)
  4. "Wind Howls on the Highway" (風の鳴くハイウェイ, Kaze no Naku Haiwei)
  5. "Geniuses at Coming Up with Fun Ideas" (楽しい事を考える天才, Tanoshii Koto o Kangaeru Tensai)
  1. "Planet Guilst" (惑星ギルスト, Wakusei Girusuto)
  2. "Soul Blade" (ソウルブレイド, Sōru Bureido)
  3. "The Great Naked Escape" (裸の脱出作戦, Hadaka no Dasshutsu Sakusen)
  4. "Million Bullets" (ミリオンバレット, Mirion Baretto)
While cleaning the Skull Fairy with his friends, Shiki unwittingly activates an android named Witch, who reconfigures the ship into its original form, the battleship Edens Zero. Witch tells the group that to navigate the hazardous outer regions of space where Mother is located, they must first restore the ship's functions by assembling Witch's group of fellow androids, the Four Shining Stars. When the group returns to Blue Garden to search for the missing android Sister, Shiki rescues Rebecca's rival B-Cuber Labilia Christy from Jinn, an Ether Gear user and cyborg from Sister's mercenary group Rogue Out, only to learn that Rebecca has been captured and delivered with other kidnapped B-Cubers to an alien collector on the lawless planet Guilst. Shiki and his friends travel to Guilst to rescue her, with Weisz recruiting an Ether Gear user named Homura Kōgetsu, who is familiar with the Edens Zero. Rebecca rallies the B-Cubers to escape and reunites with Shiki, who prepares to battle Sister and her mercenaries. Meanwhile, Witch detects a Chronophage approaching the planet.
4New Friends
Aratana Nakama-tachi (新たな仲間たち)
April 17, 2019 (2019-04-17)[26]
ISBN 978-4-06-514881-5
September 10, 2019 (2019-09-10)[27]
ISBN 978-1-63-236824-9
  1. "Sister Ivry" (シスター・イヴリィ, Shisutā Ivurii)
  2. "Take Aim" (狙いをさだめて, Nerai o Sadamete)
  3. "Two Sisters" (二人のシスター, Futari no Shisutā)
  4. "The Great Guilst Escape" (ギルスト脱出作戦, Girusuto Dasshutsu Sakusen)
  5. "New Friends" (新たな仲間たち, Aratana Nakama-tachi)
  1. "Iron Hill" (アイアンヒル, Aian Hiru)
  2. "The Super Virtual Planet" (超仮想惑星, Chōkasō Wakusei)
  3. "The People of Digitalis" (デジタリスの民, Dejitarisu no Tami)
  4. "Mass Murderer Jamilov" (殺人鬼ジャミロフ, Satsujinki Jamirofu)
Weisz and Homura learn that Rogue Out's Sister is impersonating the real Sister Ivry, whom they find has been imprisoned beneath Rogue Out's headquarters for the past ten years. Sister joins Shiki's group after confronting her imposter, who is killed by Jinn for her deception. Shiki's group and the B-Cubers escape Guilst before it is consumed by the Chronophage, which rewinds the planet's time by 1,200 years to a primitive state. The crew then locates Hermit, another of the Four Shining Stars, inactive near Blue Garden. Witch discovers that Hermit has suffered severe psychological trauma and secluded her mind within Digitalis, a virtual planet and server for the simulated reality game Rogue Fantasia. Shiki's group enters the game to search for Hermit, encountering a player named Jamilov who regularly kills the game's other players and sentient non-player characters.
Hanabi (花火)
June 17, 2019 (2019-06-17)[28]
ISBN 978-4-06-515677-3
December 10, 2019 (2019-12-10)[29]
ISBN 978-1-63-236788-4
  1. "The Girl on the Hill" (丘の上の少女, Oka no Ue no Shōjo)
  2. "Survive the Night" (この夜を生き抜け, Kono Yoru o Iki Nuke)
  3. "The Girl and the Monster" (怪物と少女, Kaibutsu to Shōjo)
  4. "The GIA" (GIA)
  5. "Great Kaiju Shiki" (大怪獣シキ, Daikaijū Shiki)
  1. "22 Hits" (22発, Nijūni-hatsu)
  2. "Spider the Hacking Genius" (天才ハッカー・スパイダー, Tensai Hakkā Supaidā)
  3. "Operation C7" (C7号作戦, Shī-nana-gō Sakusen)
  4. "Fireworks" (花火, Hanabi)
The crew finds Hermit and attempts to bring her out of Rogue Fantasia, but she resists them out of hatred for humans, only to later be taken by Shiki when she is attacked by an army of monsters controlled by Jamilov. Homura appears to betray the crew by allying with Jamilov in search of his superior, Drakken Joe of the criminal group Oración Seis Galáctica, but is revealed to be Amira, a government spy impersonating Homura, who chases her away. After using her programming skills to help Shiki defeat the invincible Jamilov by cheating, Hermit agrees to temporarily exit the game for maintenance, but still refuses to rejoin the crew. The Edens Zero is then hacked by Jamilov's real-life persona, Spider, who begins destroying the ship from the inside. Hermit remains reluctant to help, revealing her distrust to be caused by human scientists who used her as a test subject after manipulating her into destroying a planet of robots. After being assured by the crew, Hermit chooses to be their friend and restores the Edens Zero's security systems, saving the ship.
6Words Will Give You Strength
Kotoba wa Tsuyosa o Ataeru (言葉は強さを与える)
September 17, 2019 (2019-09-17)[30]
ISBN 978-4-06-516233-0
February 18, 2020 (2020-02-18)[31]
ISBN 978-1-6-32-36833-1
  1. "Pino's Dream" (ピーノの夢, Pīno no Yume)
  2. "Smells Like Money" (金の匂い, Kane no Nioi)
  3. "The Temple of Knowledge" (知識の宮殿, Chishiki no Kyūden)
  4. "The Battle Coliseum" (バトルコロシアム, Batoru Koroshiamu)
  5. "Footsteps of the Battle Maiden" (戦乙女の足音, Ikusa Otome no Ashioto)
  1. "Words Will Give You Strength" (言葉は強さを与える, Kotoba wa Tsuyosa o Ataeru)
  2. "From the Planet of Eternity" (永永無窮の星より, Eiei Mukyū no Hoshi yori)
  3. "Captain Connor" (キャプテン・コナー, Kyaputen Konā)
  4. "Madame Kurenai" (紅婦人, Kurenai Fujin)
Drakken Joe has Spider killed for his loss against the Edens Zero crew. Taking an interest in the ship, Drakken contacts Noah Glenfield, Shooting Starlight's corrupt guild master, for information. Meanwhile, the crew travels to the planet Mildian to consult the oracle Xiaomei over the whereabouts of Valkyrie Yuna, the last remaining Shining Star and Homura's mentor. After the crew overcomes a series of battles for Xiaomei, including one against a training robot copying Valkyrie, Xiaomei reveals that Valkyrie is on the planet Sun Jewel. En route to Sun Jewel, the crew rescues a shipwrecked space captain named Connor, who expertly navigates the Edens Zero through a debris field as a shortcut to Sun Jewel, having experience with a similarly named ship called Edens One. Shortly upon arrival, Shiki and Homura thwart a robbery attempt at a casino, which results in the robbers being immediately executed by a satellite-mounted laser operated by the planet's ruler, Madame Kurenai.
7I Know You Can Move On
Kitto Mae e Susumeru (きっと前へ進める)
November 15, 2019 (2019-11-15)[32]
ISBN 978-4-0-65-16893-6
April 7, 2020 (2020-04-07)[33]
ISBN 978-1-6-32-36981-9
  1. "Stones" (鉱石生命体 (ストーンズ), Sutōnzu)
  2. "Kurenai's Gauntlet" (紅の籠手, Kurenai no Kote)
  3. "Wibble Wobble Ruby Bobble" (ポヨポヨ ルビーちゃん, Poyo Poyo Rubī-chan)
  4. "The Truth Is in the Cube" (真実はキューブの中に, Shinjitsu wa Kyūbu no Naka ni)
  5. "Black Rock" (ブラックロック, Burakku Rokku)
  1. "Reset" (リセット, Risetto)
  2. "My Mother's a Machine" (機械の母, Kikai no Haha)
  3. "A Silent Reunion" (沈黙の再会, Chinmoku no Saikai)
  4. "I Know You Can Move On" (きっと前へ進める, Kitto Mae e Susumeru)
For their violence against the robbers, Shiki and Homura are arrested and sent to Sun Jewel's labor district to mine metal from alien monsters called Stones. After being misled and publicly humiliated by Labilia in their search for the pair, Rebecca's group gains the sympathy of Nino, one of Madame Kurenai's three elite men, who guides them to the labor district. There, Rebecca's group meets Valkyrie's disciple Paul, who reunites them with Shiki and Homura, allowing them to defeat a giant Stone together. Through a B-Cube recording Paul gives Homura, the group learns that Valkyrie left in search of Kurenai, revealed to be Homura's long-lost mother, who abandoned Homura and betrayed Valkyrie to rise to power. The group then finds Valkyrie's inert body and is horrified to realize she has been dead for three years, having sacrificed herself to defend the other prisoners against a horde of Stones unleashed by Kurenai. While Homura mourns in front of Valkyrie, Shiki confronts Kurenai as she prepares to destroy the labor district with her satellite.
8TBAJune 9, 2020 (2020-06-09)[34]
ISBN 978-1-6-32-36982-6

Chapters not yet in tankōbon format[edit]

These chapters have yet to be published in a tankōbon volume. They were originally serialized in Japanese in issues of Weekly Shōnen Magazine and in English in issues of Crunchyroll Manga from September 2019.

  1. "Until the Day It Changes to Strength" (いつか強さに変わるまで, Itsuka Tsuyosa ni Kawaru made)
  2. "Enter Arsenal" (アーセナル参上, Āsenaru Sanjō)
  3. "The Legend of Me" (オレの伝説, Ore no Densetsu)
  4. "Taking Up the Torch" (意志を継ぐ者, Ishi o Tsugu Mono)
  5. "Leaper" (跳躍者 (リーパー), Rīpā)
  6. "The Swordswoman Incapacitated" (剣士は動けない, Kenshi wa Ugokenai)
  7. "Gravity's Gonna Crush You" (重力がおまえを潰す, Jūryoku ga Omae o Tsubusu)
  8. "Someone to Love" (愛する者, Aisuru Mono)
  9. "Valkyrie" (ヴァルキリー, Varukirī)
  10. "Rebecca's Nightmare" (レベッカの見た夢は…, Rebekka no Mita Yume wa...)


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