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Edenspiekermann is an agency for strategy, design and communication with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Singapore. The agency is the result of a merger in 2009 between Eden design & communication Amsterdam and SpiekermannPartners Berlin, founded by German typographer Erik Spiekermann.


Edenspiekermann is the result of several mergers and collaborations between design and architectural firms over the past decades.[1]

Premsela Vonk: 1956 - 1986[edit]

In 1956 Benno Premsela and Jan Vonk started a collaboration. Premsela worked at De Bijenkorf where he remained Head of Publicity and Shop Windows until 1963.

BRS: 1969 - 1986[edit]

In 1969, graphic designers Jan Brinkman and Niko Spelbrink started their collaboration. Guus Ros joined the duo in 1971 and from then on, they continued their cooperation as Brinkman, Ros en Spelbrink. Edo Smitshuijzen joined in 1975 when Niko Spelbrink went to London for one year. The BRS acronym wasn't introduced until 1980 when John Stegmeijer joined the company as 5th partner.

BRS Premsela Vonk: 1986 - 1999[edit]

In 1986, Premsela Vonk merged with BRS.

E.D.E.N. European Designers Network: 1989 - 1999[edit]

In 1989 BRS Premsela Vonk formed the European Designers Network E.D.E.N. EESV, together with Metadesign (Berlin), King & Miranda Design (Milan) and Eleven Danes (Copenhagen).

Eden Design & Communication: 1999 - 2009[edit]

In 1999, BRS Premsela Vonk merged with Linea, specialised in information design and forms design, and DC3, specialised in interaction design.

United Designers Network and SpiekermannPartners: 2002–2009[edit]

Erik Spiekermann left Metadesign in 2001 to run his own projects, forming the United Designers Network in 2002-3 and changing its name to SpiekermannPartners in 2007.

Edenspiekermann: 2009 – present[edit]

In January 2009, SpiekermannPartners and Eden Design & Communication merged to form Edenspiekermann. Between 2009 and 2017, Edenspiekermann opened new offices in Stuttgart, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Singapore.

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