Edgar Elbakyan

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Edgar Elbakyan
Էդգար Էլբակյան
Едгар Елбахйан
Born 7 March 1928
Tiflis, Georgian SSR, Transcaucasian SFSR, Soviet Union
Died 31 August 1988(1988-08-31) (aged 60)
Yerevan, Armenian SSR, Soviet Union
Nationality Armenian
Citizenship Armenian
Education Yerevan State Academy of Art
Occupation Actor
Years active 1950–1988
Home town Yerevan, Armenia
Children Armen Elbakyan
Parent(s) Georgy Elbakyan

Edgar Elbakyan (Armenian: Էդգար Գևորգի Էլբակյան, 7 March 1928 - 31 August 1988) was an Armenian actor.


Edgar Elbakyan's plaque on Amiryan street, Yerevan

Elbakyan was born in Tiflis in school-teacher family. In 1946 he graduated from secondary school, he moved to Yerevan and entered Yerevan State Academy of Art. He successfully graduated from the institute in 1950 and started his acting career in Yang Audience theater. He acted the part of many outstanding images of Russian, Armenian and foreign novels: Khlestakov -"The Government Inspector", Cardinal Richelieu-"The Three Musketeers". In 1962 Edgar Elbakyan was invited to join the team of Sundukyan State Academic Theatre of Yerevan, and had successfully performed as : Giqo -"Pepo", Tarelkin "Lawsuit", Topaz -"Topaz".

His perfect and special manner to embody different genre roles had its separate niche in the history of Armenian and USSR theatre art. His talent always was in focus of wide theatre audience and critics as well as art historians. In 1978 he was awarded the highest title of USSR Culture - "National Artist". In 1979 he was awarded The State Prize. Edgar Elbakyan was very well known, deeply loved and admired by several generations of theatre fans. His manner to perform the characters was really unique, with special touch to unlock deep emotions be them tragic, comedy or other.


  • 1954 -Small Change (Manruq)
  • 1963 - Fire (Krak) as Aramazd
  • 1970 - At the Well (Jrhori mot) asBagdasar
  • 1972 - (Txamardiq) as teller
  • 1973 - Arshak (Arshak) asArshak
  • 1974 - Villagers (Hamagyaxaciner) Mirzoyan
  • 1975 - When it comes September (Erb galis e septembery) as Laertes
  • 1976 - Baghdasar divorcing his wife (Bagdasary bajanvum e knojic)
  • 1976 - Birth
  • 1977 - Bow to bring the day (Khonarvir vaxva orvan)
  • 1978 - Star of Hope - Phindz Artin


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