Edgar Heilbronner

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Edgar Heilbronner
Born May 13, 1921
München Germany
Died August 28, 2006 (2006-08-29) (aged 85)
Herrliberg Switzerland
Institutions ETH Zurich, University of Basel
Notable awards Marcel Benoist Prize (1977)

Edgar Heilbronner (May 13, 1921 – August 28, 2006) was a Swiss German chemist.[1] In 1964 he published the concept of Möbius cyclic annulenes,[2] but the first Möbius aromatic was not synthesized until 2003.[3][4]

Edgar Heilbronner was a professor at the ETH in Zürich, Switzerland for many years but then was offered a professorship in Basel, Switzerland where he spent the remainder of his career.


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