Edgar Quirós Baltanas

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Edgar Quirós Baltanas
Personal information
Nationality Spanish
Country  Spain
Sport Swimming

Edgar Quirós is a vision impaired swimmer from Spain who has represented the country at the 2012 Summer Paralympics.


Quirós is from Córdoba.[1]


Quirós is a member of C.N. Mijas.[2]

Quirós competed at the 2009 Spanish national winter championships, where he won the S13 50, 100 and 200 meter breaststroke events.[3][4] He competed at the 2009 German Open.[5] At the 2010 Championship of Spain of Paralympic Swimming, he won gold medals in the 50, 100 and 200 meter breaststroke events and in the 50 meter butterfly event.[6] At the Netherlands hosted 2010 World Championship, he had a fifth-place finish.[2] In July, he participated in a ceremony hosted by the Mayor of Málaga at the townhall honouring all the Olympic and Paralympic competitors from the city.[7]

Quirós was one of twelve vision impaired Spanish swimmers competing at the 2012 Games.[8] In London, after qualifying for the finals[9] he finished fifth in the 100 meter backstroke.[10][11] He finished third in his heat for the event, behind Daniel Sharp of New Zealand and Sergey Punko of Russia.[12] He finished sixth in the 100 meter freestyle.[13][14] Prior to heading to London, he participated in a national vision impaired swim team training camp at the High Performance Centre of Sant Cugat from 6 to 23 August. Daily at the camp, there were two in water training sessions and one out of water training session.[2]


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