Edgar Stiles

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Edgar Stiles
24 character
Edgar Stiles.jpg
Louis Lombardi as Edgar Stiles
First appearance Day 4 – Episode 1
Last appearance Day 5 – Episode 13
Portrayed by Louis Lombardi
Days 4, 5

Edgar Stiles is a fictional character played by Louis Lombardi in the American television series 24.


Edgar had experience as an Intelligence Analyst at CTU as well as being a protocol manager. He had Bachelor of Science in Computer Applications with honors from New York University.[1]

Edgar was known to have an eidetic memory,[2] and was friends with analyst Chloe O'Brian, who described him as "a geek, but a good guy".[3]


24: Season 4[edit]

Edgar was at first seen as the patsy of Chloe O'Brian, though as Day 4 went on, Edgar took his own stand. Even so, the two remained good friends.

Edgar was the agent who realized that fellow agent Sarah Gavin was innocent of conspiring with the enemy, and that fellow agent Marianne Taylor was in fact guilty. Edgar would eventually prove this all to Erin Driscoll, who would fire Taylor and re-establish Gavin.[4]

Edgar was the main hero behind the Nuclear Plant Meltdown Crisis, managing to stabilize 98 Plants without the ever-crucial Dobson Override.[5] A few hours later, all but one plant (located at San Gabriel Island) was stabilized, but ironically that one plant eventually prompted his mother to commit suicide.[6]

After Chloe was forced to resign and Gavin was fired, Edgar had complete control of the Analyst department of CTU and when Chloe was rehired by Acting Director Michelle Dessler. Chloe was "technically" working for Edgar, much to his approval. In truth, they both shared the same post after Chloe was rehired, but according to Curtis Manning, "It's just on paper, it has to look that way." To stop further squabbling, he reassured Chloe that she would be given a promotion of two pay grades and a higher clearance.[7]

24: Season 5[edit]

Edgar was still working at CTU at the start of Day 5, shocked like most CTU staff that Jack Bauer was still alive, and potentially a suspect in the murder of former President David Palmer. He was particularly irked at Chloe for not telling him that she knew about Jack's true whereabouts, to which she claims it was a matter of national security. She then makes a sarcastic comment about trying to be more open with Edgar, which causes him to be somewhat taken aback.[8] This confrontation, along with the fact he was surprised to realize that Chloe was seeing fellow CTU Techie Spenser Wolff, made Edgar feel generally strained by someone he considered a good friend.[8]

At 6:59 p.m. in Day 5, during a Sentox nerve gas attack on CTU, Stiles was returning to the main room after trying to check on a colleague, Carrie Bendis, who had gone to check a ventilator system that set off a "trouble flag." He did not make it back in time, and failed to enter the situation room before it was locked down. He died quickly thereafter from inhaling the nerve gas. He receives the silent clock in tribute, at 6:59:52. His last word was "Chloe".[9]

At the conclusion of Day 5, a picture of Edgar and Chloe was found among Edgar's possessions, which Bill Buchanan gives to a still-saddened Chloe.[10]

Other media[edit]

In the Marc Cerasini novel 24 Declassified: Trojan Horse Edgar helps Jack at a mobile command center for CTU.[11]


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