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Edgardo A. Buscaglia
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Born (1960-11-25) November 25, 1960 (age 56)
Known for his international leadership as author, publisher, scientist and philanthropist. President of an international association dedicated to rescuing/improving the lives of victims of organized crime. Co-founder of a scientific field of research known as "Law and Economics of Development."
Movement Law and Economics of Development

Dr. Edgardo Buscaglia is an internationally well-known scholar and practitioner within the field of law and economics and regarded as one of the intellectual founders of a scientific discipline known as "Legal and Economic Analysis of Development" [1][2] and as such he has co-founded the InterAmerican and Iberian Law and Economics Association.[3] As a symbol of his achievements, an annual award carries his name.[4]

Since 1990, Dr. Buscaglia studies the impact of legal and judicial frameworks on economic development and the economic analysis of organized crime and associated corruption. As such, he has directed field research and provided international assistance for international organizations on the economic analysis of judicial and civil society sectors in 109 countries within Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East [5] His latest books on these subjects published with Penguin-Random House Mondadori are titled "State Vacuums in México: A Path Towards Human Security" in 2013 (Vacíos de Poder en México: El Camino hacia la Seguridad Humana)[6] and "Money Laundering and Political Corruption: The Art of Organized Crime" in 2015 (Lavado de Dinero y Corrupción Política: El Arte de la Delincuencia Organizada) [7]

Professional career[edit]

Dr. Buscaglia received his post-doctoral training in Jurisprudence and the Social Policy Program at the University of California at Berkeley Law School. He also received a master's in law and economics and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He was a Fulbright/ITT scholar [8] Since 1990, he has lectured in law and economics and held visiting professorships at Georgetown University, Washington College, at the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico ; Mexican National Autonomous University (UNAM, México), Ghent University (Belgium), Hamburg University (Germany), University of Virginia in Charlottesville (USA), Universidad Nacional del Sur and Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina), among other high-level academic institutions [8][9]

Dr. Buscaglia is currently a Senior Research Scholar in Law and Economics at Columbia University since 2005 [10] and from 1991 until 2008 he was institutionally affiliated as a Fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University [8]

Dr. Buscaglia also serves pro-bono as President of the Citizens' Action Institute (Instituto de Acción Ciudadana), a civil society organization aimed at establishing international networks for rescuing and protecting victims of trans-national organized crime within societies suffering from weak governments [11]

Since the early 1990s Dr. Edgardo Buscaglia has been frequently interviewed and published op-ed pieces internationally, for example, with The New York Times [12] with the Süddeutsche Zeitung [13] with CNN [14] with BBC [15] and other media channels.

A sample of his most recent academic peer-reviewed publications include:[16]

  • "Best and Not so good Practices against Public Sector Corruption" (2011) [17]
  • "The Paradox of Expected Punishment" (2008) in The Review of Law and Economics;[18]
  • "Controlling Organized Crime Linked to Public Sector Corruption: Results of a Global Trends Study" with Jan van Dijk (United Nations Forum, United Nations Press, 2003) [19]

plus many other peer-reviewed publications since the early 90s [16]

Dr. Buscaglia is also the co-editor (with William Ratliff and Robert Cooter) of The Law and Economics of Development (JAI Press),[20] author of the book titled "Judicial Corruption in Developing Countries: Its Causes and Economic Consequences" [21] and co-author (with William Ratliff) of the book titled "Law and Economics in Developing Countries." [22]


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