Edgardo Lander

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Edgardo Lander
Edgardo Lander.JPG
Edgardo Lander. Porto Alegre, 2010.
Born Avram Noam Chomsky
Scientific career
Fields political criticism
Institutions Central University of Venezuela

Edgardo Lander is a Venezuelan sociologist who is a professor at the Central University of Venezuela and associate researcher of the Transnational Institute.[1]


Edgardo Lander is a professor-researcher at the Department of Latin American Studies at the School of Sociology. He is a consultant to the Venezuelan commission negotiating the Free Trade Area of the Americas. He works in the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, and member of the Editorial Board of the Venezuelan Journal of Economics and Social Sciences, Central University of Venezuela.

Lander was one of the organizers of the 2006 World Social Forum, which took place in Caracas. [2]


Lander was critically supportive of Hugo Chavez.[3] He has criticised Venezuela's economic dependence on oil exports.[4]

Selected publications[edit]

  • Modernidad y Universalismo. Pensamiento crítico: un diálogo interregional (editor, 1991) ISBN 9789803170028[5]
  • Neoliberalismo, sociedad civil y democracia. Ensayos sobre América Latina y Venezuela (1995)
  • La democracia en las ciencias sociales latinoamericanas contemporánea (1997)
  • La colonialidad del saber: Eurocentrismo y ciencias sociales. Perspectivas latinoamericanas (compiler, 2000) ISBN 9509231517[6]
  • Promesas en su laberinto: cambios y continuidades en los gobiernos progresistas de América Latina (Promises: changes and continuities in the progressive governments of Latin America) (et al, 2013)[7]


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