Edgars Creek Trail

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Edgars Creek Trail
Length 2.2km
Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Cycling details
Trail difficulty easy
Hazards goat track section
Surface 1/2 goat track, 1/2 concrete
Hills none
Connecting transport
Train(s) Thomastown station

The Edgars Creek Trail is a shared use path for cyclists and pedestrians in the suburb of Thomastown, an inner northern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria.[1][2][3]

It leads to the historic village of Westgarthtown.

Following the Path[edit]

The path is signed on the Western Ring Road Trail. Leaving the Western Ring Road Trail the trail immediately degenerates into a goat track beside the creek. On the north side of Spring St a private property blocks the path. Further to the north and about 1 km later, it returns to a decent concrete path.


Dead end in the north at German Lane. Western Ring Road Trail in the south.

North end at 37°40′22″S 145°00′18″E / 37.672869°S 145.005109°E / -37.672869; 145.005109. South end at 37°41′09″S 145°00′30″E / 37.685968°S 145.008195°E / -37.685968; 145.008195.


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