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For the tram stop in Greater Manchester, see Edge Lane tram stop.

Edge Lane is a main road running from the periphery of Liverpool city centre at Hall Lane, West towards the M62 motorway's 'Rocket Junction'. Edge Lane technically comprises two roads, that of 'Edge Lane' and that of 'Edge Lane Drive' and passes through the districts of Old Swan, Kensington, Wavertree and Edge Hill. It forms part of the A5047.

The road itself is mostly dual carriageway, but is renowned for rush hour congestion, and is best avoided at peak times. Bus routes 6 and 7 (to Warrington and Huyton respectively) run the full length of the road.

There is a large leisure park on the route containing various amenities such as a cinema, bowling alley and fast food outlets.

Notable buildings and places[edit]

Littlewoods Pools Building

Edge Lane Project[edit]

Edge Lane is currently undergoing significant development, known as the Edge Lane project; however this development is extremely slow going, a development aimed at the Liverpool city of culture (2008), has not yet been completed.

The road narrows to a single lane at the west end where most of the buildings either side can be seen boarded up in preparation for demolition after being purchased by Liverpool city council under a compulsory purchase order. Work on this part of the development was seriously delayed when the compulsory purchase order was challenged in the high court on a technical matter by one property owner - effectively ending the development until it was resolved. In the meantime the properties were given a fresher look for the European Capital of Culture year (2008) by being covered in colourful decorated boarding showing images culturally important to the city...however it has been noticed that many of the images do look like figures pointing sawn off shotguns at passing motorists and the boards have now themselves fallen into disrepair which makes the approach to Liverpool from the East look particularly uninviting.[citation needed]

The long-delayed demolition process began on the derelict buildings along Edge Lane in July 2010.

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