Edge of Eternity (film)

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Edge of Eternity
Edge of Eternity (film).jpg
Directed byDon Siegel
Screenplay byKnut Swenson
Richard Collins
Story byBen Markson
Knut Swenson
StarringCornel Wilde
Music byDaniele Amfitheatrof
CinematographyBurnett Guffey
Edited byJerome Thoms
Thunderbird Productions, Inc.
Distributed byColumbia Pictures
Release date
  • November 2, 1959 (1959-11-02)
Running time
80 min.
CountryUnited States

Edge of Eternity is a 1959 CinemaScope Eastman color film directed by Don Siegel shot on location in the Grand Canyon.


The film begins with an attempted murder of a man who has parked his car and is looking into the Grand Canyon with binoculars. The killer releases the emergency brake and pushes the vehicle toward the man, the intent being to have the car strike him and take him with it over the edge. The man is able to leap out of the way at the last moment. A fierce struggle ensues and the man kills his attacker by using his foot to shove him over the rim. The man is seen wandering, disheveled and talking apparent nonsense by Eli, an old prospector who tells a Deputy Sheriff (Cornel Wilde) about it. However, Eli has a reputation for telling tall tales, so the deputy ignores him to chase an attractive woman, Janice Kendon (Victoria Shaw), speeding recklessly down the road. Upon returning to the abandoned mining office Eli calls home, he finds the man dead, hanging with his hands bound behind him.

The Deputy and Janice team up to solve the murders and end a plot to illegally mine gold to sell in Mexico.


Filming locations[edit]

External image
Fight scene in the US Guano cablecar

Filming took place in Kingman, Oatman, and Gold Road, Arizona. The climax of the film, involving a fight on a U.S. Guano cable car suspended above the Grand Canyon, was filmed in the aerial tramway to the Bat Cave mine, in the western Grand Canyon of Arizona. U.S. Guano, owned and operated the Bat Cave Mine at the time. Guano was considered a good organic fertilizer, prior to the use of modern synthetics. The mine played out in 1960 and was closed. The head house, for the cable car and some of the relic equipment as seen in the film, have been preserved and may be viewed today, almost as it was in the film.

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