Edgewater Generating Station

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Edgewater Generating Station
Edgewater Power Plant Sheboygan Wisconsin.jpg
Edgewater Generating Station is located in Wisconsin
Edgewater Generating Station
Location of Edgewater Generating Station
Country United States
Location Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Coordinates 43°42′56″N 87°42′23″W / 43.71556°N 87.70639°W / 43.71556; -87.70639Coordinates: 43°42′56″N 87°42′23″W / 43.71556°N 87.70639°W / 43.71556; -87.70639
Status Operational
Commission date 1931
Owner(s) Several, primarily Alliant Energy and WPS
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Coal
Type Steam turbine
Cooling source Lake Michigan
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 710 MW

Edgewater Generating Station is a base load, coal fired, electrical power station in Sheboygan, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. It provides electricity for customers in the northeastern part of Alliant Energy's Wisconsin Power & Light service area and service to several local municipal utilities. In 2009, it was the seventh largest generating station in Wisconsin, with a net summer capacity of 767 MW.[1]


Unit Capacity (MW) Commissioning[2] Notes
1 30 1931 Retired[3]
2 30 1941 Retired[3]
3 60 (nameplate)
70.8 (summer)
71.7 (winter) [3]
1951 [3] Retired[4]

844 mmBTU/hr (247 MW) Cyclone Boiler

4 330 (nameplate)
320.4 (summer)
320.7 (winter) [3]
1969 [3] Retirement Planned in 2018
3,529 mmBTU/hr (1.034 GW) Cyclone Boiler
5 380 (nameplate)
413.6 (summer)
414.3 (winter) [3]
1985 [3] 4,366 mmBTU/hr (1.280 GW) Pulverized Dry Bottom Boiler
2016 construction

In 1952 one of the units was upgraded with a Babcock & Wilcox cyclone boiler. At the time, the facility was using a 50/50 mix of Illinois and West Virginia coal. The West Virginia coal was shipped via lake freighter from Lorain, Ohio.[5]

At present, coal is delivered to the plant entirely by railroad, originating primarily from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming, via a Union Pacific spur line that was originally the main line of the Milwaukee Northern interurban railway.

Unit 3 and 4 share the same chimney.

Unit 3 turbine and generator were manufactured by Allis-Chalmers. Unit 4 was manufactured by General Electric, with an Alterrex excitation system. Unit 5 was also manufactured by General Electric, with a Generrex excitation system.[citation needed]

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