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Edifice Technologies Inc
Industry Software
Founded 2009
Headquarters Woodinville, Washington, United States
Key people
Kathy Cartwright, CEO
Website www.edifice-technologies.com

Edifice Technologies is a privately held software company that builds and hosts products that enable businesses to deploy asset management solutions. Using the latest RFID technologies integrated with its patent-pending LightsOn software, the company enables users to visualize their environment in 3D. Its headquarters are in Woodinville, Washington.

Company History[edit]

The inspiration for Edifice Technologies LightsOn software came from Bob Cartwright, who around 2003 realized the magnitude of the challenge facing large corporate data centers in maintaining the value and integrity of the assets. After seven years of research and development, Cartwright co-founded Edifice Technologies with his wife and company CEO Kathy Cartwright in 2010. As part of the company’s development senior talent from the asset management industry, technologies and business experts were brought in to drive the company forward. During the development process it became clear that the LightsOn solution had broader market applicability, so they designed the product for use by any organization where assets are critical including freighting companies, farming and agriculture and casinos.

Use of Semantic Modeling[edit]

The LightsOn software was designed using a semantic data model where relationships and dependencies between groups, enclosures, assets, and support entities are contextually matched in an industry specific manner.


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