Edinburgh 50,000 – The Final Push

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Live 8 concerts and line-ups
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2 July 2005
Hyde Park, London
Château de Versailles, near Paris
Siegessäule, Berlin
Circus Maximus, Rome
Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia
Park Place, Barrie
Makuhari Messe, Chiba
Mary Fitzgerald Square, Johannesburg
Red Square, Moscow
"Africa Calling", Eden Project

6 July 2005
"Edinburgh 50,000 – The Final Push"

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Edinburgh 50,000 – The Final Push was part of the series of Live 8 concerts held around the world designed to encourage the leaders congregating at the G8 meeting to consider the plight of those in absolute poverty (see Make Poverty History). Held on 6 July 2005, four days after the other concerts, at Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh, Scotland, it coincided with the opening day of the 31st G8 Summit and rally in the city centre marking the end of the Long Walk to Justice.

The event is also referred to as "Live 8 Edinburgh" and "Live 8 Scotland".

Tickets were allocated by means of a "text lottery". As with the Hyde Park Live 8 concert it overran its official finishing time (by almost 2 hours). At first members of the audience were warned that they would have to leave early so that they wouldn't miss the last bus/train home, but it was soon announced that the local services had extended their hours to accommodate.

The highlights of the Edinburgh concert are included on the official Live 8 DVD as a special feature. The only artists featured are The Proclaimers, Wet Wet Wet, 1 Giant Leap, Annie Lennox, Bob Geldof, The Thrills, Midge Ure, Texas, Katherine Jenkins, Travis and James Brown.


1 Also performed at the London show on July 2

2 Also performed at the Paris show on July 2

3 Also performed at the Tokyo show on July 2

4 Also performed at the "Africa Calling" show on July 2

5 Also performed at the Berlin show on July 2