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Edinburgh Global Partnerships
Edinburgh Global Partnerships 280px.png
Founder Benjamin Carey
Type Charitable organization
Registration no. Scotland: SC018757
Focus International Development
Area served
Edinburgh, Africa, Asia and South-America
£68,605 (2009)
Formerly called
HELP Scotland

Edinburgh Global Partnerships, or EGP, is a student-run charity based at the University of Edinburgh that assists in community-led development projects in Africa, Asia and South America. It is thought to be the oldest international volunteer organisation in the university world.[1] Between 2005 and 2009, EGP raised £282,822.[2]


EGP was founded as a society at the University of Edinburgh by student Benjamin Carey in 1990 and subsequently achieved charity status later that year. EGP was originally called H.E.L.P. (Scotland) standing for Humanitarian Education & Long-term Projects.

EGP's stated constitutional goals are:[3]

  • To support community led initiatives, working together with people to help them achieve their long-term goals for development.
  • To allow volunteers to develop new skills and a wider perspective on the world we live in.
  • To promote international understanding through projects that are focussed on building friendship, trust and respect between EGP volunteers and people across the world.
  • To encourage a more long-term commitment to volunteering by promoting volunteering in Edinburgh.

In March 2012, the charity was awarded a "Global Society Star" Award by Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA) in recognition of their contribution to the "global experience on campus, in the local community, and abroad".[4]


EGP accepts project proposals from NGOs which are assessed according to criteria set by EGP. The aim of EGP is "to get involved with local people in communities in the developing world, helping them financially and physically to realise projects that they believe are of most importance to their communities."[5][6] The Project Researcher works with NGOs during the selection process to clarify questions pertaining to the proposal before the committee meet to select successful projects.

Successful projects are carried out in the Summer with fundraising taking place during the academic year.

Past EGP Projects have included the construction of the New Vision School in Tanzania in 2006,[7] a grinding mill and a house in Zambia in 2005[8] and the construction of a conventional dairy goat breeding unit in Kisumu, Kenya in 2011.[9] EGP has also been involved in projects addressing the " widespread problem" of "exploitative sexual relations between teachers and student" in Uganda.[10]

In 2012, EGP volunteers participated in the Meadows Marathon.[11][12] Volunteer fundraising activities were featured in STV Magazine in February 2012.[13]

Edinburgh Links[edit]

During the academic year, EGP volunteers participate in Edinburgh Links projects which are located in and around Edinburgh.

UK partners[edit]

EGP is a member of the Network of International Development Organisations in Scotland (NIDOS).[14] EGP was featured in the NIDOS March 2012 Newsletter.[15] It is also a member of the Scotland-Malawi Partnership.[16]

EGP is part of the Student Volunteering Overseas Partnership (SVOP) which includes InterVol, Oxford Development Abroad (ODA), Student Volunteering Abroad (SVA) Glasgow and Bristol Volunteers for Development Abroad (BVDA).[17] SVOP is"a partnership between UK based student-led international volunteering groups originally set up in Birmingham."[18]

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