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A science experiment being demonstrated to the public during the festival[1]

The Edinburgh International Science Festival is a science festival which takes place each April in Edinburgh, Scotland. The festival features hundreds of talks, tours and exhibitions for children, families and adults in locations around the city. The festival was first held in 1989,[2] and its principal sponsors are the Edinburgh City Council and the Scottish Executive. The Edinburgh International Science Festival is one of the largest science festivals in Europe and the 2010 had over 200 different events across the city.

Science Festival partners include the Medical Research Council, SCI-FUN, the University of Edinburgh, Our Dynamic Earth, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Bang Goes The Theory and many more. Dr. Bunhead regularly appears at the festival. Speakers in 2010 included Professor Richard Dawkins, Brian Cox and Professor Sir Ian Wilmut. The 2011 Science Festival ran from 9–22 April 2011. There were appearances by Professor Richard Dawkins, Lord Rees, Professor Lord Robert Winston, Kevin Warwick and Carl Djerassi. In 2011 the EISF featured Richard Wiseman as guest director of the festival.[3]

The touring arm of the Edinburgh International Science Festival is Generation Science which is the educational outreach programme. It is one of the largest providers of science education outreach in Scotland.

Relationships to Other Festivals[edit]

The Edinburgh International Science Festival is a programming partner of the Abu Dhabi Science Festival.[4][5]

The Edinburgh International Science Festival is one of 12 Edinburgh-based festivals who work collaboratively as Festivals Edinburgh[6] on audience development, promotion and similar activities, including the Festivals API.[7]

Notable Festival Events[edit]

Edinburgh International Science Festival 2013[edit]

In 2013 the Science Festival hosted the first Mini Maker Faire in Scotland.[8] This Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire event (also run in 2014[9] and 2015[10]), bringing together artists, craftspeople, programmers, engineers, and other makers is an offshoot of the Maker Faire initiative, organised by MAKE magazine and O'Reilly Publishing.[11]

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