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The Edinburgh Medal is a scientific medal given at the Edinburgh International Science Festival since 1989.[1] The Edinburgh Medal is an award given each year to men and women recognized for their contributions to science and technology and whose professional achievements have made a significant contribution to the understanding and well-being of humanity.[2] It was instituted by the City of Edinburgh Council in 1988 and has been presented at the Edinburgh International Science Festival since 1989. Each year the recipient attends an awards ceremony and delivers an address at the Festival.[3]

Professor Peter Piot, director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, was presented the award in 2017.[4] While in Edinburgh to receive the award, Prof Piot delivered an address that discussed epidemics in a global context and focused on obesity.[5]

In 2016, Edinburgh’s Lord Provost presented the award to Kevin Govender and the International Astronomical Union (IAU).[6] The award was presented in recognition of the creation and practical establishment of the IAU Office of Astronomy for Development, which integrates the pursuit of scientific knowledge with social development for and with those most in need.[7]

Philosopher Mary Midgley was awarded the Edinburgh Medal at the 2015 Edinburgh International Science Festival.[8][9]

Prof Mary Abukutsa-Onyango, professor of horticulture at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology received the 2014 Edinburgh Medal in recognition of her two decades of research on sustainable production and utilization of leafy African indigenous vegetables to tackle malnutrition and obesity as well as empower rural communities in Kenya.[10]

In 2013, the 25th anniversary of the Edinburgh Medal and the Edinburgh International Science Festival, the Medal was awarded jointly for the first time in its history to Professor Peter Higgs and CERN.[11] It was presented in a ceremony at Edinburgh’s signet library to Professor Higgs and Professor Rolf-Dieter Heuer, Director General of CERN who collected the medal on behalf of the institution.[12]

US climate change scientist Dr James Hansen was received the award in 2012.[13] In 2011 the Edinburgh Medal was awarded to Professor Carl Djerassi, an American Scientist who invented the contraceptive pill.[14]

List of medallists[edit]

Year Name
1989 Abdus Salam
1990 Stephen J. Gould
1991 Jane Goodall
1992 Heinz Wolff
1993 Wangari Maathai
1994 Manuel Pattarroya
1995 Sir John Crofton
1996 Richard Levins
1997 Amartya Sen
1998 Sir David Attenborough
1999 Jocelyn Bell Burnell
2000 Lynn Margulis
2001 Sir John Sulston
2002 Lise Kingo
2003 Wang Sung
2004 Steven Rose
2005 Colin Blakemore
2006 James Lovelock
2007 Richard Horton
2008 Chris Rapley
2009 Jonathan Beckwith
2010 Sir Alec Jeffreys
2011 Carl Djerassi
2012 James Hansen
2013 Peter Higgs and CERN
2014 Mary Abukutsa-Onyango
2015 Mary Midgely
2016 Kevin Govender and the International Astronomical Union
2017 Peter Piot
2018 Cordelia Fine
2019 Christiana Figueres
2020 Sunita Narain


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