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Edip Cansever (pronounced [eˈdip ˈdʒanseveɾ]; August 8, 1928 – May 28, 1986) was a Turkish poet.


Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Cansever attended Trade Academy for some time, and worked as an antiquity salesman in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. Despite his denial, he is considered to be a member of second new generation:

The poetry of Edip Cansever has two main characteristics: Being the proof of his life and the result of his poetry craftsmanship. A new essence, a new verse form reaches the niveau of simpleness only after undergoing a layered process of craftmanship. Being an opposer of rigid forms makes him an artist of the Ikinci Yeni movement. His accomplished revolutionizing of rigid forms comes from the urge of the essence (Doğan Hızlan, 1983).


  • İkindi Üstü (1947)
  • Dirlik Düzenlik (1954)
  • Yerçekimli Karanfil (1957)
  • Umutsuzlar Parkı (1958)
  • Petrol (1959)
  • Nerde Antigone (1961)
  • Sonrası Kalır (1964)
  • Çağrılmayan Yakup (1966)
  • Kirli Ağustos (1970)
  • Tragedyalar (1974)
  • Ben Ruhi Bey Nasılım (1976)
  • Sevda ile Sezgi (1977)
  • Şairin Seyir Defteri (1980)
  • Yeniden (Collected Poems, 1981)
  • Bezik Oynayan Kadınlar (1982)
  • İlkyaz Şikayetçileri (1984)
  • Oteller Kenti (1985)


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