Edith Hughes (As the World Turns)

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Edith Hughes
As the World Turns character
Portrayed byRuth Warrick
First appearanceApril 2, 1956
Last appearanceFall 1960
Created byIrna Phillips
OccupationSecretary, Dr. Doug Cassen
Secretary, Lowell, Barnes, & Lowell law firm
ResidenceNorth Carolina

Edith Hughes is a fictional character on the American soap opera As the World Turns. She was played by Ruth Warrick.

Character history[edit]

Edie Hughes was the independent and head-strong sister of attorney Chris Hughes. Edie's family was shocked when they discovered that Edie was having an affair with Chris's best friend, the not-so-happily married Jim Lowell. Though her family pleaded with her to end the affair, Edie stubbornly defied them and continued to see Jim. Edie resented her family's inference in her life and, though she recognized that she was causing pain to others, she was determined to be with the man she loved. Edie's stubbornness almost paid off when Jim's wife finally agreed to a divorce. Edie was thrilled that she was finally free to be with him. Tragically, though, Jim died in a boating accident before his divorce came through.

Edie would find love again in confirmed bachelor, George Frey. Dr. Frey was captivated by Edie's unconventional style and the two fell in love. Shortly after they married, George was offered a position in Seattle and the two left Oakdale forever.

Both Edith and her husband George, along with her twin brother John and his wife Marian, were all contacted in 1986 when their brother, Chris, died. In December 2000, it was mentioned in a conversation with Nancy, Bob and a visiting Penny that Dr. George Frey had died weeks earlier and that Edith went to then live with John and Marian Hughes in North Carolina.

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