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Edith Hunkeler (born 30 July 1972)[1] is a Swiss wheelchair racer, who competes at the Olympic and Paralympic level.

Hunkeler was in a car accident at age 22 which left her a paraplegic. She began wheelchair racing two years later.[2]

At the 2004 Olympic Games, she finished 6th in the demonstration sport of Women's 800m wheelchair. She also participated in the 2004 Summer Paralympics, where she won a silver medal in both the 1500 metre and 5000 metre races. At the 2008 Paralympics, she took bronze in the 1500 metres and a gold in the marathon. She advanced to the finals of the 5000 metres, but crashed and caused a pile-up shortly before the end of the race. She suffered a broken collarbone in the accident and was disqualified from participating in the re-run of the race.[3]


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