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Edith MacGregor Rome, RRC, SRN (died 6 June 1938) was a British nursing matron and administrator. She served as President of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) from 1933–34 and again from 1937-38.


She was trained at Westminster Hospital and later served as Assistant Matron of the Warneford Hospital, Leamington and as Matron of the Paddington Green Children's Hospital. She was Matron-in-Chief of the British Red Cross Society before going on to serve two terms as President of the RCN.[1]


She served with distinction during World War I. She was awarded the:

  • Royal Red Cross, 1st Class (UK)
  • Order of Regina Maria, 1st Class (Rumania)
  • Order of St. Anne (Russia).


Mrs. Edith MacGregor Rome died on 6 June 1938. Her funeral was held at the Southampton Crematorium on 13 June 1938 and a memorial service was held in the chapel.[citation needed]

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