Edmé Quenedey des Ricets

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French opera singer and composer Pierre Gaveaux, physionotrace by Edme Quenedey des Ricets, Bibliothèque nationale de France, 1821

Edmé Quenedey des Ricets (sometimes Edmé Quenedey) (born Riceys-le-Haut, December 17, 1756 – died Paris, February 16, 1830) was a French painter and engraver, known most especially for his miniatures. One of a family of eight children, he was initially destined for the priesthood, but studied instead at Dijon; he began his career as a restorer of pictures. Upon the invention of the physionotrace he took up that tool for making portraits. With his wife, Marie-Madeleine Pella, he had two children, Adèle and Aglaë; the latter later became an assistant to his father.


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