Edmond Demolins

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Edmond Demolins
Born 1852
Died 1907
Nationality French
Fields Pedagogy
Known for École des Roches

Edmond Demolins (born 1852, Marseille; died 1907, Caen) was a French pedagogue.

Life and work[edit]

Demolins was a student of Pierre Guillaume Frédéric le Play. He was the director of the journal La Science Sociale. Inspired by the experiences of the Abbotsholme School and the Bedales School, he founded the École des Roches (fr) (pioneer of Active learning).

His most known works are L’Éducation nouvelle: L’École des Roches and À quoi tient la supériorité des Anglo-Saxons? (1897). In his work Les grandes routes des peuples, essai de géographie sociale : comment la route crée le type social, he defends racist theories.[1]



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