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Edmond Kiraz (born Kirazian August 25, 1923) is a French-Armenian cartoonist and illustrator.


Born in Cairo of Armenian descent, Kiraz began his career as a political cartoonist after emigrating to post-World War II Paris. In 1959, while he was working for the French magazine Jours de France, his boss, Marcel Dassault, had him move from politics to humor. As time passed, Kiraz developed a distinctive and humorous pictorial style of representing women that he called Les Parisiennes: very thin, with long legs, small breasts, and a pouty face.

His cartoons are often not only humorous but slightly naughty or erotic, and since 1970 he has contributed regularly to Playboy Magazine.

Cartoon collections[edit]

  • Lissi, Diogène, 1954.
  • Carnet de belles, Pulcinella, 1959.
  • Les Parisiennes (Parisian Women), Denoël, 1963.
  • Les Parisiennes au volant, Denoël, 1966.
  • La Parfaite Secrétaire, Denoël, 1967.
  • Parlez-moi de moi : les Parisiennes, Denoël, 1973.
  • Sonate à quatre mains, Filipacchi-Denoël, 1978.
  • Les Femmes de Kiraz, Plon, 1985.
  • Les Parisiennes se marient, Assouline, 1994.
  • Je les aime comme ça (I Like Them That Way), Denoël, 2000.
  • Jamais le premier soir (Never the First Night), Denoël, 2001.
  • Kiraz dans Playboy (Kiraz in Playboy), Denoël, 2002.
  • Elles et moi (The Girls and I), Denoël, 2003.
  • Mini drames, Denoël, 2005.

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