Edmond Machtens Stadium

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Edmond Machtens Stadium
Location Brussels, Belgium
Capacity 11,000

The Edmond Machtens Stadium is a football stadium located in the municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean in Brussels, Belgium. The stadium has a capacity of 11,000 places.[1] It was the home of Belgian Second Division club FC Molenbeek Brussels Strombeek from the 2003 merger between R White Daring Molenbeek and KFC Strombeek to its dissolution in 2014. Prior to this it has been the home of R White Daring Molenbeek and of R Daring Club de Bruxelles. It is named after Edmond Machtens, a former mayor of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean between 1939 and 1978.[2] The stadium was formerly known as the Oscar Bossaert Stadium and has hosted a number of matches of the Belgium national football team during the 1920s, as well as a friendly game against France in 1945. Oscar Bossaert was a former Daring Club de Bruxelles player and industrialist. In 2015 a new club with the initials RWDM was created and will occupy the stadium.

The stadium comprises three stands: one behind a goal with only stand-up places, and the other two are seated and located along the ground. Behind the second goal is a tree row that darkens the field in a special way. There is also 622 places in the business-seats. In 2005 the stand 2 was renamed stand Raymond Goethals in memory of the former player.[3]


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Coordinates: 50°51′18″N 4°18′40″E / 50.855°N 4.311°E / 50.855; 4.311