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Edmonds Cookery Book
Edmonds Cookery Book.jpg
2008 centenary edition
CountryNew Zealand
Media typePrint
The third (1914) edition of the Edmonds 'Sure to Rise' Cookery Book.

The Edmonds Cookery Book is a recipe book focusing on traditional New Zealand cuisine. It was first published as The Sure to Rise Cookery Book in 1908[1] as a marketing tool by baking powder manufacturer Thomas Edmonds (today part of Goodman Fielder), but it is now known as a Kiwi icon.

The front cover shows the old factory on Ferry Road in Linwood, Christchurch (since demolished) and their slogan "Sure to Rise". Only two copies of the first edition are known to survive.[1] The cookbook has gone through many editions in its 100-year history. In 1955, a "De Luxe" edition was introduced, and had gone through 57 reprints by 2006.[2]

The book has been described as "as much a part of New Zealand kitchens as a stove and knife," and at one time it was "sent unsolicited to every newly engaged couple in New Zealand."[3]

Edmonds recipe books have sold over 3,000,000 copies. It remains New Zealand's fastest selling book with over 200,000 copies sold in one year.


The Edmonds Cookery Book has made several changes over its history to adapt to changing New Zealand tastes and new kitchen technology.[4]

Edition Year Changes
1st 1955 First De Luxe edition.
8th 1967 Additional recipes for pasta, cake mixes and puddings.
15th 1976 Change to spiral bounding. Dual imperial and metric units introduced.
16th 1978 New Egg section. Gas oven conversions added.
17th 1980 New Poultry and Cake Mix sections.
18th 1982 New cover design. First microwave recipes. Cake Baking Powder section removed
27th 1988 Cover now features an illustration of Edmonds factory rather than a photograph. Expanded microwave baking sections. Index relocated to back. Food for Invalids section removed.
34th 1993 New International Foods and Breakfast sections added. Section on good nutrition added. Imperial units dropped.
45th 1999 New cover design.
60th 2008 100th anniversary edition. New cover design.


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