Edmonston Pumping Plant

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Coordinates: 34°56′32.5″N 118°49′28.79″W / 34.942361°N 118.8246639°W / 34.942361; -118.8246639

Edmonston Pumping Plant is a pumping station near the south end of the California Aqueduct. It lifts water 1,926 feet (600 m) to cross the Tehachapi Mountains. The station power requirements are so great that several power lines from the Path 15 and Path 26 are needed to provide power to the facility. It is the most powerful water lifting system in the world, not considering pumped-storage hydroelectricity stations.[1]


  • Number of units: 14 (two galleries of 7)
  • Normal static head: 1,970 ft[2]
  • Motor rating: 80,000 hp (60MW)[2]
  • Total motor rating: 1,120,000 hp (835 MW)[3]
  • Flow at design head: 315 ft³/s (9 m³/s)
  • Total flow at design head: 4410 ft³/s (450,000 m³/h)