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Edmonton Institution
Location Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Coordinates 53°40′37″N 113°20′18″W / 53.67694°N 113.33833°W / 53.67694; -113.33833Coordinates: 53°40′37″N 113°20′18″W / 53.67694°N 113.33833°W / 53.67694; -113.33833
Status Operational
Security class Maximum
Capacity 228 [1]
Population ~299[2] (as of July 2013)
Opened 1978 (1978)
Managed by Correctional Services Canada[3]
Warden Kelly Hartle [4]
Street address 21611 Meridian Street
City Edmonton, Alberta
Postal code T5Y-6E7
Country Canada
Website Edmonton Institution Profile
Notable prisoners
Harvey Andres (1981 - ?)[5]
Omar Khadr (May 2013 – February 2014)[6]
Allan Legere (2015-present)[7]

The Edmonton Institution (French: Établissement d'Edmonton[8]) is a maximum security federal institution located in the northeastern part of Edmonton, Alberta. It is operated by Correctional Service of Canada. It is part of the Prairie Regions institutions, the Regional Headquarters is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan[9]


There have been 6 riots since the prison opened.[10]

  • January 24, 1986
A riot in the broke out in the yard after a fellow inmate was not released form solitary confinement. Fires were set and the Pharmacy was broken into, and several inmates overdosed. Lasted about five hours; no deaths were reported.[10]
  • August 31, 1998
After a stabbing, some inmates started fires, broke windows and attacked a guard. The prison was on lock-down for most of the day.[10]
  • November 13, 2001
A group of inmates started a riot in the gym, attacking and stabbing other inmates. They refused to return to the cells and began damaging the gym and set the bleachers on fire.[10]
  • August 27, 2003
A small riot broke out after an inmate attacked a guard and was moved to solitary confinement. It was limited to one unit, in the prison.[10]
  • February 10, 2004
Over $150,000 of damages were sustained after a inmate gained access to a unit unknowingly and began attacking a guard. The riot was contained to the single unit but 19 inmate with Shiv's and other hand made weapons destroying much of the furniture and windows in the unit.[10]
  • July 1, 2008
One of the largest and the longest riot took place, after two rival gangs attacked each other. It took nine hours to gain control of the inmates again. During this time eight inmates were stabbed with homemade weapons, and one was shot after refusing to drop his weapon and continuing to attack another inmate. No deaths were reported.[11]


There has been two successful escapes from the prison since it opened.[10] Both by the same inmate; Harvey Andres.

  • March 12, 1981
Harvey Andres escapes for the first time by fooling the guards with a dummy, and he was able to get into a garbage truck can and escaped when it was outside the facility.[3][10]
  • April 19, 1981
Andres was caught after being wounded during a shoot-out with Calgary and RCMP offices; A RCMP officer was also shot during the event.[3][5]
  • March 13, 1982
Harvey Andres escapes for the second time during a snowstorm. In total four inmates tried to escape, but Andres was the only one to make it. He managed to cut the fencing and getaway.[10] He had gotten a hold of a handgun and wire cutters form a maintenance that was working on the fence earlier. He smuggled in parts of the gun and ammo in with motorcycle gas tanks and was able to create an improvised firearm.[5][12]
  • July 6, 1982
Andres is caught again after a similar shootout in Saskatoon leaves him wounded. A Saskatoon police office was struck in the abdomen, and arm during the shoot-out.[3][5]

Notable Inmates[edit]

A former child soldier convicted of terrorism.[13] Was transferred to the Edmonton Institution from Millhaven Institution due to numerous death threats from other inmates.[14]
  • Harvey Andres
A former member of the Grim Reapers Motorcycle gang[3] twice convicted of first degree murder 1981, and 2001, five counts of rape and arson. As well over a dozen more charges. Escaped the Edmonton Institution twice.[5][10]
A Canadian serial killer and arsonist in New Brunswick.[7]

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