Edmonton International Film Festival

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Edmonton International Film Festival
Logo for the Edmonton International Film Festival Festival
Location Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Hosted by Edmonton International Film Festival Group
No. of films 100 - 200
Language International
Website http://www.edmontonfilmfest.com

The Edmonton International Film Festival (EIFF) is a nine-day film festival in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, hosted at Landmark Cinemas at Edmonton City Centre.

It began in 1986 as ‘Local Heroes’ a smaller 3-day film festival in March. Over time the festival grew in size and scope. In 2003 the festival was moved to September, expanded to 9-days, and renamed the Edmonton International Film Festival. Their schedule usually has about 50 feature-length dramas and documentaries, and more than 100 short films programmed into packages that include Subway Lunchbox Shorts.[1]

For the 2010 festival, organizers are planning on 55 feature-length and 100 short films. They will all be shown at the Empire Theatres in the Edmonton City Centre.


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