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Edmund Chen
Chinese name 陳之財 (traditional)
Chinese name 陈之财 (simplified)
Pinyin Chén Zhīcái (Mandarin)
Born Singapore
Other name(s) Credited as 陈之财
Occupation Actor
World Record Holder for the Longest Drawing
Years active 1987–current
Spouse(s) Married Xiang Yun in 1989
Children 1 son and 1 daughter
Ancestry Fujian, China
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Chen.

Edmund Chen (Chinese: 陈之财; pinyin: Chén Zhīcái; Wade–Giles: Ch'en2 Chih1 Ts'ai2, born 4 February is a Chinese Singaporean An Actor, Author and Producer Edmund Chen is an internationally-known celebrity with over 29 years of experience in the media and entertainment industry. He has over 100 television appearances, 18 international and local films, 4 stage plays, 2 movies which he produced and 4 solo music albums under his belt. With a strong passion for drawing since he was a child, Chen has become an accomplished artist in his own right. In addition to designing several local stamps with the ever loveable giant panda and otter series for Singapore Post (SingPost), he is appointed as SingPost’s Stamp Ambassador Chen. Chen’s talent does not end here as his packaging designs have also won awards by Singapore Star Packaging Awards for four consecutive years from 2002 to 2005 and Asian Package Award (Japan) in 2005.. In 2013, Chen set the Guinness World Record for the Longest Drawing by an Individual with a distance of over 601m. In 2015, he collaborated with Samsonite, the world’s leading luggage brand to creating exclusive luggage collection entitled “Cherish”. A man of many talents, Chen has authored 9 books and was voted by the Readers of the National Critics’ Choice as the Best New Children’s Author of the year in South East Asia. In recognition of his new publications recently, the READ Singapore Bridges also appointed Chen as their Ambassador. As a producer, Chen was presented with the Silver Screen Special Achievement Award at the 24th Singapore International Film Festival and the Committee Recommended Film at the 5th International Chinese film Festival in Sydney, Australia for his maiden feature film, Echoing Love. Chen strongly believes in cultivating a greater sense of sharing, helping one another and doing good deeds for the greater good of the society. His endorsement and ambassadorship with select organizations, such as the Red Cross Society, National Environmental Agency; Public Utility Board; National Climate Change Secretariat, The Prime Minister Office; Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore; MCCY; Read! Singapore,Singapore Post, PUB anreflect his unwavering belief and goal to spread the message of doing social good, helping people and sharing as far and wide as possible.


Chen entered the entertainment industry after completing the SBC (predecessor of MediaCorp) 7th drama training course in 1987.[1] He starred in several high-profile dramas such as sci-fi drama series Star Maiden, Air Force and police thriller Patrol, where he first met and later married co-star Xiang Yun. During the late 1990s he temporarily left showbiz for several years to concentrate on other projects. After returning to MediaCorp his popularity soared and he won the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes award seven consecutive times. During the Star Awards 2007 25th anniversary special, he and Ivy Lee, who played his on-screen partner many times, were named the Top 5 Favourite On-screen Couples for their roles as husband and wife in Double Happiness. He left MediaCorp at the end of 2007 for family reasons but made a brief return to the screens as a guest star in Channel 5 comedy Calefare and the second season of Channel U production Perfect Cut. Besides acting, he has also presented and hosted shows ranging from sports events to variety shows to charity galas.

Chen is one of the few Singaporeans to have successfully ventured into Hollywood and has starred in a film produced by Warner Brothers (Turn Left, Turn Right), as well as more recently in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li distributed by Fox Pictures, as Xiang, father of Chun Li.[2][3]

Chen directed his first feature film Echoing Love (爱情六重奏), which consists of six shorts directed by six different people and the cast includes Erica Lee, Alaric Tay, Vincent Ng, Nathaniel Ho and his wife Xiang Yun. It was screened at the 24th Singapore International Film Festival in 2011, where it won a Special Achievement Award at the Silver Screen Awards.[4]

Other work[edit]

After leaving the television industry, Chen began writing and illustrating Chinese language children's books. Two of his titles Dino Rulez! (欢迎来到我们的世界) and Little Otters To The Rescue! (水獭宝宝救爸爸) have been selected by the National Arts Council for its yearly catalogue.[5] He designs stationery, stamp and T-shirts, which are sold through Panda Goods online store.


Chen functions as a brand ambassador and spokesman for many firms and products, including Beijing 101 Hair Consultants (www.beijing101hair.com), Mitsubishi Electric, Chien Chi Tow, G- Spa, Donut Empire and KKC Property in Singapore and throughout the Asian region.

Personal life[edit]

Chen married fellow MediaCorp actress Xiang Yun in 1989 after meeting on the set of Patrol and they have two children.[6] Their son Yixi made his acting debut in the web drama series i.Rock in early 2012.[1]

Chen is the eldest of three children. His younger sister is theatre director and entrepreneur Loretta Chen.[7]



Year Title Role Notes
1998 Yellow Wedding
Eternal Love
Super Cop
1999 Where Got Problem
2002 Sharpened Pencil
The Eye Dr Lo
2003 Turn Left, Turn Right Dr Wu
2007 Saigon Eclipse
2008 Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li Xiang
2009 Liliang

TV series[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
1987 Sunshine After Rain 雨过天晴 Chen Junjie
Moving On 变迁 Ah Wen
1988 Star Maiden 飞越银河 Jin Guixiang
Airforce 空军 Gan Qifeng
The Last Applause 舞榭歌台 Guo Xiaoting (Qihua)
Mystery - Piano 迷离夜 之《琴》 Tan Jialun
1989 When Hearts Touch 似水柔情 Xu Daimei
Fortune Hunters 钻石人生
Patrol 铁警雄风 Luo Yifeng
Turn of the Tide 浮沉 Zhou Guodong
1990 Finishing Line 出人头地 Zhong Chongguang
Happy Family 开心家族 Song Kecheng
1991 The Darkest Hour 列血青春 Ma Zhongyuan
1992 Fiery Passion 烈焰焚情 Mingliang
Crime and Passion 执法先锋
1993 Hidden Truth 法网晴天 Zhou Xiaoping
Switch 妙鬼临门
1994 The Blazing Trail 兰桂坊血案 Telemovie
Those Were the Days 生命擂台 Yan Kaicong
1995 The Teochew Family 潮州家族
The Rangers 铁血雄心 Telemovie
Heartbeat 医胆仁心
Pointed Triangle 杀之恋 Telemovie
It's My World 还我半天边
A Different Life 妈姐情缘 Shen Tianle
1996 Ace Cops 妙警点三八 Telemovie
Life on the Line 魂断四面佛 Telemovie
1997 Immortal Love 不老的传说 Su Youming
Crimes and Tribulations 狮城奇案录 Liang Shui
2000 Catherine Listening to the Rain
2001 The Invincible Squad 迷幻特警
The Hotel 大酒店 Emil Qin
The Stratagem 世纪攻略 Zhou Jingxue
Beyond the Axis of Truth 法医X档案 Chen Xueming Nominated – Best Actor award at Star Awards 2001
2002 First Touch Dr Charles Yong Channel 5 production
The Vagrant 豹子胆 Guest appearance
Brotherhood 有情有义 Co-production
The Wing of Desire 天使的诱惑 Qin Kailang
Law 2002 法内情2002 Qiu Zhishao
First Touch II Dr Charles Yong Channel 5 production
Nominated – Best Actor, 2003 Asian Television Awards
Innocently Guilty 法内有情天 Co-production
2003 My Love, My Home 同一屋檐下
A Toast of Love 吃吃面包谈谈情 Guest appearance
2004 When the Time Comes 一线之间 Jieren
Double Happiness 喜临门 Luo Jiaqi
The Crime Hunters 心网追凶 Lan Tinghui
Man at Forty 跑吧!男人 Chen Longwei Nominated – Best Actor award at Star Awards 2004
Timeless Gift 遗情未了
2005 Lady of Leisure 贤妻靓母 Chen Guoqing
Zero to Hero 阴差阳错 Xie Jizu
Beyond the Axis of Truth II 法医X档案II Chen Xueming
2006 Women of Times 至尊红颜 Jia Zengtu
House of Joy 欢乐满屋 Xu Zhiguo
2007 Live Again 天堂鸟 Chen Haiming
The Golden Path 黄金路 Cheng-Ge
2008 Calefare Champion Zhang Channel 5 production
Guest appearance
2009 Perfect Cut 2 一切完美2 Win Cheong
2013 Serangoon Road


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