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Edmund McMillen
Edmund McMillen cropped.jpg
McMillen at the Game Developers Choice Awards in March 2012
Born (1980-03-02) March 2, 1980 (age 37)
Santa Cruz, California, U.S.
Occupation Video game designer, programmer, artist
Known for Video games, comic art, Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac

Edmund McMillen (born March 2, 1980) is an American video game designer and artist known for his flash-game visual style. His most notable works include 2010's side-scroller Super Meat Boy and 2011's roguelike game The Binding Of Isaac.[1]

Early life[edit]

McMillen has been a lifelong resident of Santa Cruz, California.[2] He went to school at Soquel High School.[3] He is especially fond of drawing, his favorite subjects being monsters.[2] Edmund spent most of his childhood with his grandmother, whom he considers to be the greatest source of support in his creative endeavors. Later in his life, Edmund received a box from his grandmother that contained all of his drawings as a child. Many of these drawings can be seen by unlocking The Box in one of his games, The Basement Collection.[2]


McMillen's initial graphic work was in independent comics.[4][5] While he has largely abandoned this field in favor of video games, he has released a series of comics featuring Meat Boy, the title character in the video game Super Meat Boy, as a promotional tie-in for the game.[6] His most well-known games are the Flash-based game Meat Boy, and its much-praised sequel Super Meat Boy, which has been released for the Xbox 360 & PS4 platforms and PC. McMillen is also known for the award-winning games Gish, Aether, The Binding of Isaac and Coil. Gish won Game Tunnel's 2004 Adventure Game of the Year, as well as Indie Game of the Year.[7][8] His game Coil was nominated for the Innovation Award at the 2009 Independent Games Festival.[9] McMillen was the original character artist and animator on Braid,[9] before those assets were replaced by the work of David Hellman.[10] Braid went on to win the Innovation Award at the 2006 Independent Games Festival prior to its release, and several awards in 2008, including GameSpot's Best Platformer,[11] and Best Original Downloadable Console Game,[12] and the 12th Annual Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Awards Casual Game of the Year.[13] His game Aether was a 2009 IndieCade finalist and received an honorable mention.[14]

Super Meat Boy[edit]

McMillen and programmer Tommy Refenes established Team Meat, an independent game production company, with the intent that they would never utilize a third-party publisher.[15] Their first game, Super Meat Boy, was released on October 20, 2010 on the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade,[16] and on Valve Corporation's digital distribution system Steam on November 30, 2010.[17] A release was planned for the Nintendo Wii, but was canceled. According to Kotaku, problems arose due to the file size limitations of the Wii's WiiWare Channel.[18] A retail version of the game was released on April 5, 2011.[19] Due to Sony's initial disinterest in the game, Team Meat entered into contractual obligations that prohibit the game from being released for the Sony PS3.[20] McMillen and Refenes responded to the success of Super Meat Boy and the impossibility of a sequel in a brief statement that read, "We feel like we did it...the 1st time."[21] McMillen and Refenes' development of Super Meat Boy was featured in the film Indie Game: The Movie.

Games developed[edit]

Latest Games[edit]

Game Platform Release year Notes
Super Meat Boy Windows, OS X, Linux, Xbox 360, PS4,[22] PS Vita,[22] Wii U 2010
The Binding of Isaac Windows, OS X, Linux, Adobe Flash (only demo) 2011
Wrath Of The Lamb Windows, OS X, Linux 2012 Expansion for The Binding Of Isaac
The Basement Collection Windows, OS X, Linux 2012 Collection of old Flash games
Facist Adobe Flash 2014 Game jam game
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, New 3DS, Wii U, Xbox One, iOS 2014
Fingered Windows 2015 With James Id
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, OS X, Linux 2015 DLC/Expansion for Rebirth
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Windows, OS X, Linux, Nintendo Switch 2017 Definitive Isaac expansion
The End Is Nigh Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch 2017

This is a list of currently unreleased games:

Game Platform Announced State
Mew-Genics Steam, iOS, Android 2013 Currently cancelled/on hold indefinitely
Super Meat Boy: Forever Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS and Android 2014 Scheduled for 2018[23][24]
The Legend of Bum-bo Windows 2015 In development, planned for release in December 2017[25][26]
Øuroboros Windows 2016 Rough idea for The End is Nigh, on hold

Flash Games Era (2008-2009)[edit]

All these games are playable here

Game Platform Release year Notes
Blood Car 2000! Adobe Flash 2008
Coil Adobe Flash 2008 Included in The Basement Collection
Blood car! 2000! Delux! Adobe Flash 2008
DeadBaby VG Dressup Adobe Flash 2008
Twin Hobo Rocket Adobe Flash 2008
The C word Adobe Flash 2008
Aether Adobe Flash 2008 Included in The Basement Collection
Meat Boy Adobe Flash 2008 Included in The Basement Collection
Clubby: Killing Season Adobe Flash 2008
Grey-Matter Adobe Flash 2008 Included in The Basement Collection
Meat boy (map pack) Adobe Flash 2008
AVGM Adobe Flash 2009 Included in The Basement Collection
Spewer Adobe Flash 2009 Included in The Basement Collection
Hitler Must Die None 2009 (no release) Announced but then cancelled
Time Fcuk Adobe Flash 2009 Included in The Basement Collection

Old Games (2001-2007)[edit]

All these games are playable here.

Game Platform Release year Notes
The Backup Files Adobe Flash 2001
The Lonely Hermit Adobe Flash 2001 Included in The Basement Collection
Dead Baby Dressup! Adobe Flash 2001
12 uses of dead babies Adobe Flash 2001
Dead Baby Dressup 2! Adobe Flash 2001
6 more dead baby uses Adobe Flash 2001
Dead Baby Dressup 3 Adobe Flash 2001
Stile man Dressup Adobe Flash 2001
WWF baby dressup Adobe Flash 2001
8 More Dead Baby Uses! Adobe Flash 2001
Dead Baby Dress up 4 Adobe Flash 2001
The Boy who QuestionedGod Adobe Flash 2001
Dead Baby Dressup X Adobe Flash 2001
Dead Baby Super Hero Dres Adobe Flash 2002
Dead Baby Dressup best of Adobe Flash 2002
Carious Weltling Adobe Flash 2003
SnackOlantern Adobe Flash 2003
Clubby The Seal Adobe Flash 2004
Gish Windows, OS X, Linux 2004 First big project game
Carious Weltling 2 Adobe Flash 2005
Weltling Dressup Adobe Flash 2005
Viviparous Dumpling Adobe Flash 2005
Cerebral Discharge iii Adobe Flash 2005
Blast Miner Windows 2006
Triachnid Adobe Flash 2006 Included in The Basement Collection
Holiday Snow Wars Adobe Flash 2006
Cereus Peashy Adobe Flash 2007
Weltling 2: Regurgitated Adobe Flash 2007
Host Adobe Flash 2007 Online multiplayer game
Guppy Adobe Flash 2007 (no release) Only a prototype, never released
Gish 2 None 2007-2008 (no release) Announced but then cancelled


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