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Edmund Tyrell Green (19 March 1864 – 18 February 1937) was a Church of England academic, curate and author. He graduated from St. John's College, Oxford with a B.A. in 1886. From 1887 until 1890 he was a curate of St. Barnabas, Oxford and was then appointed lecturer in Hebrew and theology at St. David's College, Lampeter, Wales. Six years later, he became professor of the same subjects in addition to being a lecturer in parochial duties since 1896. He was lecturer in architecture in 1902. Besides his professional duties he held many parochial missions and in 1904 delivered a series of apologetic lectures at Southampton. In theology he belonged to the Anglo-Catholic school of the Church of England. He died in 1937.[1]

Authorship and writing[edit]

He was also an editor of the Temple Bible (1902)

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