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Edmunds.com Homepage
Edmunds.com homepage taken 04/19/2012
Type of business Private
Founded 1966 (1966)
Headquarters Santa Monica, California, United States
Area served United States
Key people Avi Steinlauf (CEO)
Seth Berkowitz (President)[1]
Industry Automotive, Information services
Employees 700(2016)[2]
Website www.edmunds.com
Alexa rank Decrease 1829 (November 2016)[3]
Launched 1995[4]

Edmunds.com, Inc. is an American online resource for automotive information. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California and maintains an office in downtown Detroit, Michigan.[5] Edmunds.com is privately held, with the Steinlauf family holding a majority stake.[6]


Edmunds was founded in 1966 as a publisher of printed booklets consolidating automotive specifications to help car shoppers make buying decisions.[7]

By the 1990s, Edmunds published its data to CD-ROM while also publishing books such as Edmunds New Cars & Trucks Buyer's Guide, Edmunds Used Cars & Trucks Buyer's Guide and Edmunds Strategies for Smart Car Buyers. In 1994 the company posted on a gopher site known as the Electronic Newsstand.[8]

In 1997 the Edmunds.com website was launched and earned its first Webby Award[9]

In 2005, Edmunds.com launched Inside Line'", a free online magazine for automotive enthusiasts. Inside Line delivered automotive content in the form of videos, photos, blogs, news articles, discussion boards and road tests. In 2013, Edmunds.com shut down the popular site despite complaints from loyal visitors.


The Edmunds.com Web site includes prices for new and used vehicles, dealer and inventory listings, a database of national and regional incentives and rebates, vehicle test drive reviews, and tips and advice on all aspects of car purchases and ownership. Edmunds.com provides data through its "True Market Value" pricing tools, which launched in 2000.[4] The Edmunds.com True Market Value New Vehicle Calculator displays the estimated average price consumers are paying when buying new vehicles. The Edmunds.com True Market Value Used Vehicle Appraiser estimates the actual transaction prices for used vehicles bought and sold by dealers and private parties.[10]


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