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Edmundson Electrical Ltd
IndustryElectrical supplies
HeadquartersKnutsford, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Area served
United Kingdom
Key people
D. T. McNair
Revenue£1,268.4 million (2015)
£71.5 million (2015)
OwnerBlackfriars Corporation
Marshire Holdings Corp
ParentMarlowe Holdings Investments Ltd
DivisionsElectric Center
Lockwell Electrical Distributors

Edmundson Electrical Ltd is a privately held electrical distribution company headquartered in Knutsford, Cheshire, incorporated in 1991.[1] It is the largest electrical distributor in the United Kingdom[2] and serves both to the trade and to the public from over 300 locations.[3] The company also serves Ireland through a subsidiary, EWL Electric Ltd,[4] as well as through mainland Europe via its sister company, Vink Holdings.

Edmundson also has significant presence in the Middle East through its associate company, Sentor Electrical,[5][6] which operates in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Ajman and agents in Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.[7]

Through a number of holding and investment companies, it is directly controlled by the Delaware registered Blackfriars Corporation (now Marshire Holdings Corporation), controlled in turn by the Colburn family as part of their global electrical and prefabricated plastics organisation.[8][9] The company also holds a Royal Warrant.[10]


The company was founded in the early 19th century by Joshua Edmundson, with the company developing into one of the first suppliers of electricity to being a major distributor of electrical equipment. The company serves the United Kingdom through more than 320 branches, supplying a range of electrical items.

Acquisitions have accelerated the company's growth. The largest of these came in 2011, when the company acquired Electric Center from Wolseley plc for £40.6m.[11][12] This added a further 90 branches to the existing Edmundson network of 250 branches, giving it significant control over the market. The deal was cleared by the Office of Fair Trading in 2012[13] after the company agreed to sell a number of branches to Abbey Cross Trading Ltd.[11]

Prior to being acquired, Electric Center achieved sales of £130m earning profits of £1.5m.[14] The company has also expanded through several smaller acquisitions, including Cable Management Centre (2008),[15] Western Electrical for £3.2m (2014),[16] and Lockwell Electrical £8.8m (2015)[17][18] as well as Bennett & Fountain, Walsall, GA Nicholas and Specialist Lamp Distributors[19]

According to a filing with Companies House, in October 2016, Marlow Investments Ltd changed the name to Plumbing And Heating Investments Ltd.[20][21] In the end of 2016, the company acquired East Anglia's leading plumbing wholesaler, Plumbcity Ltd[22][23] parent of Gallery Bathrooms Ltd, Plumbclick Ltd and Plumbclick.co.uk Ltd.

In the financial year of 2015, Plumbcity recorded revenues of £26 million. In the same month the company acquired the leading plumbers merchant in the South of England, Heating Plumbing Supplies Group Ltd[24] and its subsidiary Heating Plumbing Supplies Ltd.[24] The transaction significantly expanded the groups influence, with over 30 branches gained and revenue of more than £53 million in 2015, and adding to the pre existing presence through the East Midlands based merchant, G.B Willbond Limited.[25]

During the 2016 financial year the group acquired Cheshire Electrical Supplies Ltd, Novoplast Kunstoffen, Deutsche ADP and Oak Electrical Ltd[26] for a combined total of £83.8 million.[27]

Financial information[edit]

For 2017, total group revenue exceeded £1.8 billion.

Year 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
(in millions £)
1263.9 1235.6 1268.4 1159.1 1093.4 1116.7 1023.0 851.7
Operating Profit
(in millions £)
62.4 59.9 71.5 65.3 56.9 63.8 55.8 54.0
As a % of revenue 4.9 4.7 5.9 5.6 5.2 5.7 5.5 6.3


The company is controlled by Blackfriars Corporation, a Delaware based holding company run by the Colburn family. Most notably, Keith W. Colburn who is CEO of Consolidated Electrical Distributors, which in 2010 was the fifth largest private company by revenue ($3.4 billion in 2009, $3.9 billion in 2008).[28]

Through a number of companies, the Colburn family own a global network of manufacturers, distributors and general purpose retail outlets. Whilst Edmunson Electrical primarily serves the United Kingdom and Ireland, the parent organisation, Marlowe Holdings Investments has an 80.1% stake in the Mainland Europe based preformed plastics distributor, Vink Holdings.

Illustration of the company's structure and ownership
Marlowe Holdings Ltd
Marlowe Holdings Investments Ltd
Edmundson Electrical Ltd (Acq 1979)[33]

Electric Centre
(Acq 2013)[12][13]

Sentor Electrical WLL

The British Central Electrical Company Ltd

Electrical And Radio Distributors Ltd

Specialist Instrument Services Ltd

Specialist Lamp Distributors Ltd

G A Nicholas Ltd

Bennett & Fountain Ltd

Lockwell Electrical Distributors Ltd[18]

Knutsford Properties Ltd

Edmundson Export Ltd

Cable Management Centre[29][30]

EWL Electric[34]

GEC Ireland Ltd (1998)

Irwin Electrical (2005)

Eastern Electrical LimLtdited (2008)

Ryness Ltd
(Acq 2011) [31][32]

Tradesparky Ltd

Zylo Ltd

Hexstone Ltd

Icon Fasteners Ltd

Jaton Ltd

JCP Fixings Ltd

Owlett Jaton Ltd

Righton Fasteners Ltd

Stainless Threaded Fasteners Ltd

G B Willbond Ltd
(Acq 2016)[35]

Fullrich Ltd

Spittal Tiles (Acq 2008)[35]

Western Electrical Holding Ltd

Cornwall Electrical Wholesalers Ltd[36]

Western Electrical Wholesale Ltd

Plymouth Electrical Wholesalers Ltd[37]

Exeter Electrical Wholesalers Ltd

Kippington Road Ltd
Eletricenter Ltd

Edmundson Distribution Ltd[38]

Plumbing And Heating Investments Ltd
Plumbcity Ltd

Gallery Bathrooms Ltd

Plumbclick Ltd

Plumbclick.co.uk Ltd

Heating Plumbing Supplies Group Ltd

Heating Plumbing Supplies Ltd

Vink Holdings Ltd

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