Edmundston–Madawaska Bridge

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Edmundston–Madawaska Bridge
Edmundston-Madawaska Bridge.JPG
Crosses Saint John River
Design through truss
Material steel
Total length 287.12 metres (942.0 ft)
Construction begin 1920
Opened 1921
Daily traffic 2,082

The Edmundston–Madawaska Bridge is an international bridge which connects the cities of Edmundston, New Brunswick, in Canada and Madawaska, Maine, in the United States, across the Saint John River.[1] The bridge consists of four steel through truss spans, each 70.71 metres (232.0 ft) in length, for a total length of 287.12 metres (942.0 ft), which carries a two lane open steel grid deck roadway.

The bridge was constructed in 1920, replacing a cable ferry, and opened in 1921. Its original asphalt and timber deck was replaced with the current steel grid deck in 1961.

Transport Canada estimated the bridge's traffic at 759,803 vehicles annually in 2006.


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Coordinates: 47°21′36.5″N 68°19′43.3″W / 47.360139°N 68.328694°W / 47.360139; -68.328694