Edogawa Stadium

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Edogawa Stadium
Edogawa Stadium 1.JPG
Full nameEdogawa Stadium
Coordinates35°39′19″N 139°51′9″E / 35.65528°N 139.85250°E / 35.65528; 139.85250Coordinates: 35°39′19″N 139°51′9″E / 35.65528°N 139.85250°E / 35.65528; 139.85250
OwnerEdogawa Ward
Field size105×70m
Yokogawa Musashino FC (part-time)

Edogawa Stadium (江戸川区陸上競技場, Edogawa-ku rikujō kyōgi-jō) is a multi-purpose stadium in the Edogawa area of Tokyo, Japan. The stadium looks the same as many multi-purpose stadiums of its era in Japan. The stadium seats about 7,000 and is mainly used for football (soccer) but features a broad running track for track and field events.

Its main tenant is Yokogawa Musashino FC of the Japan Football League who only use the stadium occasionally. It served as home to Sagawa Express Tokyo until 2006.

In addition to other sports, the stadium hosted the Women's Lacrosse World Cup in 1997.


  • Four floodlights
  • All-weather track of 400 m x 8 lanes, 3,000 m obstacle course etc.
  • Natural turf field (105 x 70 m for soccer, lacrosse and rugby)
  • Scoreboard (electric)


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