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Edraw Max
Edraw Max running on Windows 7.
Developer(s) EdrawSoft
Stable release
8 / April 9, 2016; 16 months ago (2016-04-09)
Operating system Windows, macOS, Linux
Type Diagramming software
License Proprietary
Website www.edrawsoft.com

Edraw Max is a 2D business technical diagramming software which help create flowcharts, organizational charts, mind map,[1] network diagrams, floor plans, workflow diagrams, business charts, and engineering diagrams. The current version, Edraw Max 8 was released on April 9, 2016 for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.


The current version, Edraw Max, is available in two editions: Free Viewer Version,[2] Professional Editable Version. The latter has additional templates and examples for creating diagrams.

A free trial is available for 30 days, however it is not possible to directly save Edraw files to a computer unless if the full version was purchased.

Edraw Max gives users a Visio-like,[3] professional quality diagramming tool.

The interface uses the popular ribbon layout, which means that most users will be able to find their way around intuitively.

Edraw Max can generate organizational chart, gantt chart and mind map from data.[4]

Over 12500 pre-drawn symbols are available in popular vector format, highly quantity and easily editable.

Thousands of ready-made templates make users instantly productive.

File format[edit]

Edraw Max saves content in an xml file format. The .edx suffix is the default file format. The .edxz suffix is a compressed xml file format used for sharing.


Product/Version Release Date License Platform Language
Edraw Max 8 2016-4-9 Shareware Windows, Mac, Linux English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese(Simplified)
Edraw Max 7 2013-11-18 Shareware Windows English, German, Chinese(Simplified)
Edraw Max 6 2011-08-08 Shareware Windows English(Simplified)
Edraw Max 5 2009-10-15 Shareware Windows English
Edraw Max 4 2008-06-01 Shareware Windows English
Edraw Max 3 2004-07-11 Shareware Windows English, German, French

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