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Edu-Games is a computer game educational software for kids that contains educational material that is designed in an interactive game.

The concept was later adapted to the user's age classification and Curriculum Learning Elementary School.


Edu-Games was created in 2001 by Susanto. It supports the child Education of Indonesia.

Edu-Games is a trademark manufactured and developed by PT. Maximize Informa Studio in Medan, Indonesia.

The idea of Edu-Games came in 2001, along with the birth of Bobby Ball figures. The first product was named "Garden Dream Child. In January 2002, "Childhood Dream Park" was released. Edu-Games issued "The Adventures of Bobby Ball" in June 2002.

Products "Billy and Tracy" were incorporated as a separate brand name without Edu-Games label. During 2004, Billy and Tracy Products launched three products. In 2004 Edu-Games was set as the brand name for all products.

In 2007, Edu-Games designed a new brand "Play Smart" and launched "Emmo" - a series of games.

Edu-Games has produced an animated film in the form of VCDs. Having launched the VCD animation, Edu-Games issued Edu-Story which is a collection of audio CDs of children's stories.


The main character is Bobby Ball, a yellow ball. The Bobby Ball character was created by Susan in 2001. Bobby Ball has best friends Kiki Rabbit and Bear Kobo. Kiki Rabbit is a rabbit with a hobby of cooking. A friend of Bobby Ball is Kobo Bear, a bear. One of his passions is gardening.

After the main characters, Edu-Games has around 30 other characters, such as Peri Wiwi, Titus, elf Winky Magic Books, Magic House Rumi, Billy, Tracy, Professor Gamma, Mimo Robots, Nano the Soldier Doll, Didi, Dino, Xiao Long, Syawal and Mubarak, and Emmo.

Supporting characters are Indiana, Grandfather Clock, Mermaid, Gogo, wolf-thief, Uncle Rangers, Mr. Post, and many other characters.


Edu-Games has become the choice of a food producing companies in Indonesia, PT.Indofood Sukses Makmur to be a promotional partner brand products "Indofood" namely Indomilk. Edu-Games is also a promotional partner of Curcuma SOHO, and Nutricia. Edu-Games is also a promotional partner Kimia Farma which is a pharmaceutical company in Indonesia.


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