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Eduard Kabos (Nagy-Károly, 2 December 1864 – 1923) was a Hungarian journalist, dramatist and writer.[1][2]

He entered the University of Budapest for the purpose of studying modern philology, intending to become a teacher, but adopted journalism instead. He at first accepted a position on the Egyetértés, but his abilities soon secured for him the position of parliamentary reporter and writer of feuilletons for the Pesti Napló. In 1897 he became contributor to the Országos Hirlap, and in 1898 editor of the parliamentary column of the Budapesti Napló. In 1902 he was elected a member of the most prominent Hungarian literary society, Petöfi Társaság, in recognition of the services which he had rendered to Hungarian literature.

Kabos' works include: Elzüllöttek (1885), stories; Vásáo (1887), a novel; A Kupéhau (1888), a farce; Evo (1889), a drama; Harakiri (1889), stories; Tantalusz (1891), a drama; Koldusok (1893), stories; Fehév Eprakák (1893), a novel; A Holló (1895), a comedy; Mab Királyno (1895), a comedy; Por (1895), stories; "ándorok (1897), stories; A Cseugeri Kalapok (1898), stories; A Verebek (1900), a novel.

Kabos died in 1923.[3][4]


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