Eduardo Garza

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Eduardo Garza
José Eduardo Garza Escudero

(1976-01-10) January 10, 1976 (age 43)
Other namesLalo Garza
OccupationActor, voice-over talent
Years active1990-present

José Eduardo Garza Escudero (Spanish pronunciation: [xoˈse eˈdwaɾdo ˈgaɾsa ɛskuˈdɛro]; born January 10, 1976), commonly known as Eduardo Garza or Lalo Garza, is a Mexican actor, voice-over talent, announcer, translator, puppeteer and singer.


Born in Mexico City, he gained a B.A. in Advertising and Acting. He works in theater, television, advertising, dubbing, puppets and music.

In 1991, he began working with Audiomaster 3000, dubbing characters in TV shows, such as Brad Tylor in Home Improvement, Skeeter in Doug, Max in Mighty Max, Itsy Bitsy in Itsy Bitsy Spider and Brendan in Step by Step.

In 1998 he started working for Dubb Directions. Their most important works are the movies Flawless, The Exorcist, Drake & Josh, Laguna Beach, Veronica Mars, Naruto, Zatch Bell, Studio 60 and Growing Up Creepie.

Of the characters voiced by Garza for Mexican TV, the more notable ones are Elmo and Big Bird in Sesame Street (Plaza Sesamo), Krillin in Dragon Ball Z, Josh in Drake & Josh, Fes in That '70s show, David in Six Feet Under, Brad in Home Improvement, Skeeter in Doug, Donatello in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Prince Adam in He-Man, Bill in Sitting Ducks, Enzo in ReBoot, Henry the Green Engine in Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, Pinocchio in Shrek 2 and Shrek 3, Weevil in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Jamie in Daria, Tom in Wheel Squad, Tommy in 3rd Rock from the Sun, Gaara, Gamatatsu, Shukaku and Akamaru in Naruto, Parco Folgore in Zatch Bell, Francis in Malcolm in the Middle, Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach, Carl and Carl² in Carl², Budge in Growing Up Creepie, Myron in Wayside, Xandir in Drawn Together (Spanish language title is La Casa de los Dibujos), Logan in Veronica Mars, Tom in Studio 60 and the Martians of Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Buzz Lightyear Adventures. He also voiced Fancy-Fancy (A.K.A. Panza) in the 2011 animated feature film, Don Gato y su Pandilla.

He's also the voice director and announcer of the dubbing for iCarly.


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