Eduardo Recife

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Eduardo Recife
Born (1980-08-12) August 12, 1980 (age 39)
Known forVisual Artist + Typographer

Eduardo Recife is an artist, illustrator and typographer from Brazil, known for his distinct collage style which combines vintage imagery, magazine cuts, textures, stains and lots of small details and symbols. He’s also known for his 35 typefaces, which the majority of it is freeware. Despite the young age, it’s been more than 15 years dedicated to his passion for collage, drawing and type.


Though keeping an extent personal body of work, by he has worked as an illustrator and has added to his portfolio clients such as The New York Times, YouTube, Volkswagen, HBO, among others. Besides the commercial acknowledgement, his work has been published in more than 70 books, both national and international art and design magazines and has won several prizes like Cannes Lion Gold (2011), the American Illustration (2009) and the Young Illustrations Award (2014). He has also been invited to join a select group of artists who created special work for the World Cup in 2014 by FIFA, he has done an exclusive work for the collection of "Clube de Design" do MAM/SP and has been one the few Brazilians who have created a signed bottle for the renowned Absolut Vodka. In the field of photography, the artist has had his work acknowledged with the publishing of his book “My Dear India” (2010).

Art and Exhibitions[edit]

Despite having transited among various branches of graphic arts, his true passion has always been for the fine arts, in which the artist works with delicate themes with sensitivity, in complex works of clear critic and telltale content. Man’s wishes, his queries and dreams are presented in introspective works, full of symbols. With a unique style, each work is thought in its smallest detail and put together mixing different techniques. Vintage imagery and contemporary aesthetic elements are together to create a work full of emotion and meaning that leaps to the eye and soul of the observer, making its mind lost in reflection.

The Artist has exhibited his works in Japan, Brazil, United Kingdom, United States, Denmark, Spain, Australia, Belgium and Mexico.

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