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Eduardo de Ceano-Vivas Sabau (September 8, 1896 – August 19, 1957) was born in Havana, Cuba. His father was a Spanish soldier during the occupation of Cuba by Spain. He and his parents left Cuba shortly after Cuba's independence. In 1919, he returned to Havana already an experienced actor and took the stage name "Eduardo Vivas" to replace actor Julio Taboada in the Teatro Ideal for a season and became a member of Taboada's acting company shortly thereafter. He participated in the creation of the first Actor's Guild" of Spain with fellow actors Arturo Soto Rangel and Ernesto Financé. He alter worked with Virginia Fábregas, Prudencia Grifel, María Tabau, Anita and Isabelita Blanche and with Mario Moreno Reyes "Cantinflas." He died in Mexico City.

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