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Industry Internet
Founded 2001
Headquarters Bilbao, Spain
Key people
Fernando Bacaicoa and Mikel Castaños (Co-founders)

Educaedu is an online education directory where students can search for higher education programs around the world. Founded in 2001, Educaedu originally started in Spain with three Web sites (Busca Oposiciones, Tu Master and Canal Cursos). In January 2008, they decided to expand the directory and launch Educaedu on a global scale. It now operates in 20 countries and 9 different languages, and contains more than 100,000 different programs.[1][2]

Educaedu has 105 people with 15 different nationalities. Educaedu has offices in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Bilbao (Spain), São Paulo (Brazil), Bogotá (Colombia), Madrid (Spain) and Mexico City (Mexico), and has a representative in Santiago (Chile).

As of December 2010, Educaedu operates in the following countries:

Argentina,[3] Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia,[4] Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico,[5][6] Peru,[7] Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Turkey, UK, United States.

Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.


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