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Education 3.0 describes a level of transformative capabilities and practices for education in the 21st century. The work of Prof. James G. Lengel at Hunter College of the City University of New York distinguishes this new level from education 2.0, for the industrial age, and education 1.0, for the agricultural age. His 2013 book, Education 3.0, published by Teacher's College Press provides a summary of this concept, and examples of schools that are following its precepts.

Professor Derek Keats, of the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa,[1] and his co-author Jan Philipp Schmidt, FreeCourseWare Manager at University of the Western Cape, South Africa, used the term in 2007 to apply to the use and impact on education of collaborative and personalized learning, reusable learning content, and recognition of prior learning (RPL) whether by formal or informal means. Keats' explorations were focused on higher education.[2] Dr. John Moravec at the University of Minnesota broadens this view, and describes Education 3.0 as a product necessary to support what he labels "Society 3.0" – a near future paradigm of social co-constructivism, ambient technology, and propelled by continuous innovation at all levels of society.[3]

Education 3.0 has also been a concept articulated on,[4] an online resource and community for education leaders around the world to engage in a dialogue on next generation education and learning systems. This site is a public service of the Cisco Global Education corporate social responsibility group.[5] The Education 3.0 concepts articulated on refer to a holistic, systemic approach to education transformation as applied primarily to K-12 education, and identifies the transformational qualities and strategies necessary across pedagogy and curriculum, leadership and governance, culture and infrastructure.

"Education 3.0 is simply education delivered with Autonomous Learning Software via any smart device." Michael J. Trout CEO, & Founder Blog[6]


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