Education City Stadium

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Education City Stadium
Education City Stadium.jpg
Artist's impression of the new stadium
Location Doha, Qatar
Capacity 45,350
Architect DR. Omar Jamal, SENSI Moe and Sons, Dr. Demonichaos (Wareface CO.)
Project manager SENSEI Moe and Sons
2022 FIFA Confederations Cup, 2022 FIFA World Cup

Education City Stadium is a proposed football stadium which will be built in Doha, Qatar, in time for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Education City Stadium takes the form of a jagged diamond, glittering by day and glowing by night. The 45,350-seat stadium will be located in the midst of several university campuses at Education City, easily accessible for fans both in Qatar and in neighboring Bahrain, which will be only 51 minutes away from the stadium by high-speed rail. Following the FIFA World Cup, the stadium will retain 25,000 seats for use by university athletic teams.


Coordinates: 25°16′49″N 51°31′21″E / 25.2804°N 51.5225°E / 25.2804; 51.5225