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For the current (or most recent) round of the course, please visit Wikipedia:School of Open course (or the shortcut WP:WIKISOO).
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Welcome to the class!

Writing Wikipedia Articles: The Basics and Beyond is a free six-week course offered through Peer to Peer University's School of Open. To register please visit the P2PU site. Once you're registered, come back to this page -- it's our central page for the course. We conduct weekly classes and lab sessions using the webinar software Blackboard Collaborate (details below).

The central place to interact with us, and with other students, is the course's "talk page". You'll see it in the upper left of this screen; or, you can always type the shortcut WT:WIKISOO in the Wikipedia search bar to get there.

Each week's page below tells you everything you need to know for that week: what we'll cover in the session, what the homework is, etc. Watch for updates on this page too -- we'll be adding information throughout the course to help you all keep in touch and move through your projects!

For those who use Twitter or other social media, we use the hashtag #WIKISOO (which stands for Wikipedia/School of Open), and we mainly tweet from the account @CommOER. Students will be working in small teams, so you can decide among yourselves if you wish to use additional tools like Google Hangout, IRC, etc.

Let's explore Wikipedia together! Photo by Ellis Christopher, licensed CC BY.

Class pages

We have a page for each week of the course with a description of what is covered, and details about homework and projects. The following links will help you stay oriented in the class:

  • Week 1 (14/15 May): Wikipedia under the hood
  • Week 2 (21/22 May): Who am I to edit Wikipedia? Identity & collaboration
  • Week 3 (28/29 May): What is quality?
  • Week 4 (4/5 June): Build it bigger - Roundtable one
  • Week 5 (11/12 June): The deep dive - Roundtable two
  • Week 6 (18/19 June): The takeaway and student showcase

Tools we use for live weekly classes & labs

Each week you will find a link to connect to connect with Blackboard Collaborate, the webinar tool we use to conduct the class, at the top of that week's wiki page.

You'll need a Mac, Windows, or Linux-based computer; an up-to-date version of Java; headphones (or speakers) and microphone (optional, but desirable); and a reliable internet connection (wired Ethernet connection if available).

Please connect 15 minutes early and run the Audio Setup Wizard ("Tools" menu) to make sure your headphones and microphone are working, even if you have used the program before. When speaking, click the "talk" button at the top left of the screen. Deselect "talk" when you are listening to minimize background noise for the rest of the class.

In case you have trouble with Blackboard Collaborate, these may help: Blackboard Collaborate overviewGetting Started for Participants Quick Reference Guide (PDF) • Blackboard Collaborate Support Portal (with OS and Java check!)

We also use Etherpad during the class to take collaborative notes. We use the same Etherpad every week:

Student teams

One of your first tasks in this class will be to join a team, and introduce yourself!

Teams will consist of four people. (If students come and go, we might adjust, trying to keep them within about 3–5 people.)

You will interact with your team every week between classes. This may be as short as sending them a brief note to say what article(s) you worked on, or to share why something you read was interesting or worthwhile. Some students will find their teams become highly active, while for others they are just a touchstone for your homework assignments; please feel free to experiment, find what works for you, and report back!

You'll find detailed instructions for joining a team on the top of the Teams page.

When is the class in MY time zone?

Online class times are Tuesday evenings (Americas) or Wednesdays (Asia, Australia).

Optional lab sessions are at the same time of day on Thursday (Americas) or Friday(Asia, Australia).

If you click in the righthand column below, you will be able to select your exact location to determine the time.

Class date
(Tuesdays: Americas)
Class date
(Wednesdays: Asia, Australia)
Class time
(click for local time)
14 May 15 May 01:00 UTC
21 May 22 May 01:00 UTC
28 May 29 May 01:00 UTC
4 June 5 June 01:00 UTC
11 June 12 June 01:00 UTC
18 June 19 June 01:00 UTC

Lab sessions

We offer optional weekly lab sessions for homework, asking questions, presenting ideas, etc. These are less structured than the regular class. Homework may be taken on in your own time, but these are a great opportunity for peer support and extra help. Labs are held at the same time of day as our class sessions, on Thursdays (Americas) or Fridays (Australia/Asia) -- see chart above. Course instructors Pete and Sara will be online for (at minimum) one hour, and we invite students to continue working together following the scheduled session.

Our main tool is Blackboard Collaborate, same as our class sessions: To communicate during lab we may also use our ether pad for note-taking ( and/or our Wikipedia class talk page (WT:WIKISOO) -- (the "talk" tab above). Please feel free to use other communication channels, e.g. Twitter (hashtag #WIKISOO), Freenode IRC, in the #oer channel, Skype; Google Hangout; Jitsi; and more. Suggestions are welcome.


The WikiSOO Burba Badge

Students are expected to work toward the WikiSOO Burba Badge. To earn the badge, there are two requirements:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Start a new Wikipedia article, and bring it to at least "Start" class on the Wikipedia quality scale; or
    • Improve an existing Wikipedia article at least one level on the quality scale.
  2. Make 200 or more edits to Wikipedia

That's all!
We're experimenting with a new platform. There's a lot of stuff below this bar we're not taking advantage of yet. Do enroll using the token "WIKISOO". Apart from that, feel free to explore the links below if you are curious, but are not part of the course.

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