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Conducting Research at/through the BC Library[edit]

Grading Rubric[edit]

*** NOTE: You must complete each task by the deadline in order to receive full credit for it.
Task Deadline Points Possible
Create account & User page; introductions Sept 16 10
"Claim" at least three (3) articles Sept 23 10
Sandbox and preliminary bibliography Sept 31 30
First draft of NA and WP Oct 7 20
Final draft of NA and WP Oct 15 30
First substantial addition to article Oct 21 10
Adding visual content Oct 28 10
Midterm progress report Nov 11 30
Peer review of two articles Nov 18 20
Reflective essay and class presentation Dec 9 30
Electronic portfolio Dec 17 300

Articles List[edit]

Below are the articles available for this project. You can "claim" an article by adding a link to it (for example, [[Costume]]) next to your name in the "Students" table at the bottom of this page. Please note: this list is not comprehensive. Essentially, my selections are connected, in some way or another, to the topics we are covering in the course (including the four off-campus plays we are seeing this semester). My choices are also informed by WikiProject Theatre, a community of Wikipedians that have identified articles in need of expansion/improvement. Each page is unique and therefore has different needs. For example, some are relatively well-developed but need citations; others are "stubs" (relatively undeveloped); and so on. Be sure to visit the Talk page of each article you are considering in order to get a better sense of what previous editors and contributors believe the article's strengths and weaknesses to be. Finally: anything in red doesn't exist on Wikipedia yet, and therefore needs to be created from scratch.

Overviews and introductions



Terms and stock characters




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