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Session 1: Wikipedia essentials[edit]

In class
  • Introduction to how Wikipedia will be used in the course
  • Signing up, creating a User page, and "enrolling" in the course page
  • Basics of editing - using the sandbox
  • Allocating photographers to research


Session 2: Where to research[edit]

In class
  • Discussion on the best locations (on ground and online) to find good resources


  • Practice editing and communicating on Wikipedia
  • Leave a message for a classmate on their user talk page
  • Leave a message for Louisa on her talk page
  • Keep exploring the topic area: Take a look at the Wikipedia pages for these Australian photographers that you are probably already familiar with: Frank Hurley, Maggie Diaz, Mervyn Bishop, Fiona Hall. Note the "notice" at the top of Fiona Hall's page advising further work be performed on the page.
  • Consider which headings might be best for your research project
Milestone #1
  • All students should have Wikipedia user accounts and be listed on the course page
  • Complete the Milestone #1 questionnaire on miPlace

Session 3: Exploring the topic area[edit]

In class
  • What makes a quality resource of information for your article?
  • Tracing research with citations and bibliographies
  • What makes a quality Wikipedia article?


Milestone #2
  • All students should have a good understanding of how Wikipedia works, including how to cite sources and how to avoid plagiarism.
  • You should have started working in the draft space for your article. The name of your photographer, their date and place of birth and other initial information should be included. Citations must be included at this stage. Where did you get that information from?
  • Start compiling a bibliography of relevant research and post it to the talk page of the article you are working on. Begin reading the sources.
  • Be sure to include at least two book references and two journal article references.
  • Complete the Milestone #2 questionnaire on miPlace

Session 4: Writing styles[edit]

In class
  • Writing neutrally vs writing persuasively. Choosing and practicing the right writing style for Wikipedia.
  • Research strategies


  • Continue adding to your bibliography.
  • Write a 3–4 paragraph summary version of your article—with citations—in your Wikipedia draft space.

Session 5: Excursion![edit]


  • Continue working on your article.
Milestone #3
  • At this point, all students should have a summary version of their article in their draft space
  • Articles should at this point reference at least two books and two journal articles.
  • Complete the Milestone #3 questionnaire on miPlace

Session 6: Reflecting on research[edit]

In class


  • Write a 100 word reflection on your talk page about the process of writing your article.
  • Continue researching in order to expand your article.

Session 7: Moving articles to the main space[edit]

In class
  • Revision: Citations and plagiarising


  • Complete your 300 word reflection (due next session) and submit via the assessment portal.
  • Continue expanding your article.
Milestone #4
  • All students should have completed their draft before the end of 23 April 2015 Melbourne time.
  • Complete the Milestone #4 questionnaire on miPlace

Wikipedia references[edit]

  • Handouts:
“Referencing on Wikipedia” Citing sources on Wikipedia Avoiding plagiarism on Wikipedia 

Using talk pages Wikimarkup cheatsheet How to get help

Uploading images Evaluating Wikipedia Article Quality

and “Understanding Wikipedia’s copyright policy"

Research references[edit]

Books in the Hub[edit]

  • Newton G 1988, Shades of Light, Australian National Gallery, Canberra
  • Marsh A 2010, Look: Contemporary Australian Photography Since 1980, Macmillan Art, South Yarra
  • Willis A 1988, Picturing Australia - a history of photography, Angus and Robertson, North Ryde
  • Hall B & Mather J 1986, Australian Women Photographers 1840-1960, Greenhouse, Richmond VIC
  • Cato J 1977, The story of the camera in Australia, Institute of Australian Photography, Melbourne
  • King N (ed) 2010, Up close: Carol Jerrems, Larry Clark, Nan Goldin and William Yang Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne
  • Crombie I & Byron S 1990, Twenty contemporary Australian photographers, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Books in the Hub are not available to borrow, but may be scanned on site.

Other resources available through the Hub[edit]

Websites and databases[edit]

These will be very useful.

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